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I’m not a Mormon.

With that out of the way…be honest…

What comes to mind when you think about Mormons? White shirt, black tie, name tag, a knock on the door? Mega-families, no beer, no coffee…no fun? How about polygamy and racism?

It’s ok, don’t be embarrassed, they know.

All the more reason that a new, stereotype-smashing, no-sacred-cows film from Excel Entertainment (an independent, LDS-owned film company) might surprise you.

“Jane & Emma” is bold, honest, even shocking.

It’s exactly the kind of film Americans — faithful, sorta-faithful, and not-even-in-the-neighborhood-of-faithful alike — should go see when it hits theaters this October. By putting this piece out there, Mormons are demonstrating a willingness to have an open, uncomfortable conversation that some churches in America’s Christian community have been meticulously avoiding.

To read the full article on MEDIUM, click here