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Guided on a tour by sister missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, visitors walk through the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple Visitors’ Center.

Sister Kendra Earl and Brittni Burleigh speak about the Church and its history in this nation with 1.4 million members, 273 stakes and seven temples.

Pointing to photographs of pioneer members in Brazil, Sister Earl details the growth of the Church in South America.

Many visitors have a natural connection to the men and women who built the Church in the country, she said. They show “how God prepares individuals to do His work.”

The visitors’ center — which includes interactive exhibits and a Christus statue — was dedicated on Jan. 21. It is one of 12 visitors’ centers worldwide and the first in South America.

Shortly after the visitors’ center opened, the city opened a new transit station nearby. Crowds that came to see the temple found an additional uplifting experience in the visitors’ center.

To read the full article on the Church News, CLICK HERE.