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The following is excerpted from The Daily Signal. To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

Ask any young person—even a young child—“What do you want to be?” and just about everyone will answer, “a doctor,” “an engineer,” “a teacher,” “a firefighter,” “an airplane pilot,” or a member of some other profession.

This is completely understandable.

But I have a suggestion that would change your child’s life—and the world—for the better. Tell your child to answer, “I want to be a good person.” This would completely change the way your child sees himself or herself.

As a rule, people become what they want to become. If you devote the entire first half of your life, including your most formative years, to being a good student in order to be a good professional, you probably will become … a good student and a good professional.

Think of how long it takes and how hard one has to work to accomplish those two goals.

Why wouldn’t it take as much time and effort to become a good person? How would anyone become proficient at anything that wasn’t his or her goal to achieve?

Every generation in recorded history has witnessed a terrible amount of evil. One would think that making good people would therefore be the first goal of every decent society, indeed of every society that wishes to long survive.

But with a few exceptions, this has not been the case—and is not the case today.

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