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February 21, 2024

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DG34March 2, 2016

I liked reading this article, even if I didn't agree with every word. I was really annoyed when the original article was pulled, and am interested in these follow-up pieces. The whole thing about people being offended by one opinion while demanding theirs be accepted is actually insane, but about on par these days. They care so much about choice... except when it's this choice.

LizOctober 22, 2015

Excellent. The choice you describe at the end of your essay is exactly what is before us. We can remain silent (and loving) and let this message go unanswered for our youth and others who need to hear the truth, or we can do as the Young Women commit to every Sunday, and "stand for truth and righteousness" with love and courage. True love requires that we offer the truth so agency has a real choice. Thank you for your contribution in this discussion.

DavidOctober 20, 2015

Yes, I think the 'Bi' side of things is wise to discuss/address. Of course those who can 'choose' easily have already been choosing to be straight or at least live straight lives generally. Certainly the pressure to be straight has been around in the LDS church all through the LGBT movement. Adding further pressure seems sorta fruitless, although adding conscious discussion seems wise. Someone commented on why people would read Meridian magazine who is not Mormon, and I think it is wise for people on both sides of public political and religious debates to read things outside of their own perspectives and evolve their perspectives to be more rounded, kind, and wise. Besides if you want to help a public discussion evolve, it is helpful to know what others are saying and not just exist in an echo chamber. There is a quote from Buddhism that I heard years ago, 'the enemy is the friend and greatest teacher'. It stuck with me and I have at times heard people talk about the difference between conflict and contention. I think friendly discussions of Mormon articles and respectful discussions is a good thing for people in the LGBT community to learn from and share their perspectives and vice versa. St. Francis of Assisi said 'Seek ye first to understand, then to be understood'. Brigham Young famously talked about seeking truth wherever it is found. I think some people may genuinely be seeking to understand and seeking truth in the midst of social and religious conflict. It is easy to live life in a bubble without really understanding others and then to project things onto them that are not accurate, whatever side of a conflict one may be on. Both sides feel persecuted sometimes. Both sides feel bullied sometimes and wounded. It is sadly far too common to demonize people and then wonder why they demonize you back. I applaud the article posted today about seeking balance and accommodation and not war. Declaring war on others only makes a person an enemy. Jesus was not a warrior, he was a teacher, healer and servant of people. I find it sad when people talk about being at war and spend their life fighting people and not loving or serving them in sincere or meaningful ways.

spriteOctober 19, 2015

Finally, someone has had the courage and insight to broach the subject of bi-sexuality. The B tucked so neatly between the LG and T seems like the elephant in the room. . Are the B's compelled to have sexual relations with both genders? They have no choice in that lifestyle? These folks need special status and protection? Please!!!

CHARLIEBROWN2292October 19, 2015

What puzzles me is that the very people who do not agree with Latter-Day Saint moral values would take time to read Meridian Magazine and attack people whose writings reflect those very values. If people don't like JeaNette Goates Smith's comments on homosexuality, they may as well not read the magazine rather than bludgeon the poor woman with nasty comments.

SCottOctober 18, 2015

Thanks for that article....I too read JeaNette's article and knew it would bring upon herself the wrath of the "liberals". Your articulation of the real ideology was outstanding, especially as it exposes it across the political landscape. This hypocrisy can be seen in virtually every aspect of our lives now....We are not liberated enough to pray, mention Christ, fly the flag, protect the unborn, or even insist on protecting the integrity of our country without the understanding that we will have to withstand the withering attacks from the "true" liberals.

Laura BrothersonOctober 17, 2015

Thank you for your thoughtful and well-reasoned response on this difficult subject. The vitriolic response to those speaking up for God's immutable truths is unfortunate yet telling. If God didn't exist and didn't provide the loving commandments that He has then liberation from morality would be an easy answer. But the reality is that God does exist and He has provided protective guidance on these issues of gender, sexuality, marriage and families so that simply ends any attempt to reword or redefine God's truths. Speaking up for these things does not make someone unkind. In fact it is particularly the opposite in today's day and age, especially so that those who are still malleable can know of alternative views to what is predominately presented as "the only way to go" in current society. So, thank you! We must not allow the voices of those who encourage God's proclaimed path to happiness from being heard by all who are yet open to the way of greatest peace and eternal joy regardless of the attending difficulties. Voices like yours and the others shared here still need to be heard loud and clear as an alternative to what may seem vogue in secular society at any given time. This life and all it's attending mortal difficulties are but a small slice of eternity.

AlecOctober 17, 2015

Amen. Thanks for your thoughts. You underscore the unfortunate fact of our societal life that it is difficult to achieve collegiality with those bent on aggressive, strident, adversarial warfare. But that is our responsibililty and we must stand courageously for fundamental truth even though we may be excoriated by camps within the LGBT community, within the church (small c) and by those enamored with "popular culture." Your clarity helps butress my resolve.

Red StateOctober 16, 2015

Excellent article. Of course you will be excoriated by the left, but they are among the most close-minded we see in our society. There is no lobby more hateful than the gay lobby.



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