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May 18, 2022

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Debbi M.September 7, 2021

I loved this story, and had no idea about her background. Sure loved watching her films in the "olden days!" Thanks for sharing and informing.

Richard ChristensenSeptember 7, 2021

She is my dad's second cousin if I remember right.

Robert StarlingSeptember 7, 2021

Correction (my mistake): It was the Westwood Ward that Rhonda tried to contact about her husband's funeral arrangements, not the Wilshire Ward. I've wondered how her later life might have been different if the ward building's landline had been forwarded on weekdays to the home number of the Bishop or some other member. (a suggestion to Church HQ?) However the Wilshire Ward has its own "Hollywood Connection". In the 1940's several LDS celebrities including Laraine Day and the King Sisters formed a theater group called "The Wilshire Ward Players" that performed plays at the ward meetinghouse (built in the 1930's, with unique architecture that resembles a cathedral). A non-LDS member of that group was the young Ray Bradbury.

Rochelle HaleSeptember 6, 2021

Wow! What a story. We are so familiar with those landmarks as we have several clients in the Century City area and serve in the Los Angeles LDS temple. When my father was dying, my mother (non-member) was totally on board with having the local ward assist, even though my stepfather had not attended church in many years. It was our relatives of other faiths who refused to attend the funeral if it was held at the "Mormon" church. The bishop, however, was more than helpful and told us that funerals take priority over weddings or ward activities. It is too bad that the Wilshire Ward wasn't more accomodating to Sister Fleming's needs.

David BellSeptember 6, 2021

Wonderful story about a beautiful daughter of God. It goes to show that what is important is what is going on between us and Heavenly Father. Even good can come out of Hollywood!



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