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August 9, 2022

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Amanda DuPontJune 15, 2017

I had a similar experience being called as Jr. Primary Chorister in a ward when I had only 3 months more there before going to Bogota, Colombia, due to my husband's military assignment. I had absolutely no skills to do that and didn't feel my service would be worth while. I prayed about it and received the inspiration: "Do you suppose you need to learn to lead music before going to Colombia?" I accepted the calling and learned the basic skills. When we arrived in Colombia, I found that very few people knew how to lead music correctly and I taught classes throughout the branches. Music direction improved throughout the area and brought them much joy. I learned from that never to question a calling from the Lord.

HyrumJune 8, 2017

I was called to be primary chorister once, although we didn't have the gender stigma I was not fond of children and very apprehensive. It became one of my favorite callings in the church, and I am grateful for the experience and all that it taught me. Good for you! My only advice would be to learn from others but don't be afraid to be yourself - there is no one right way to do the calling, and it will work best if you allow your unique personality to shine.

Louise TaylorJune 7, 2017

For sure keep the story going! I am guessing you became the most loved most fun song leader ever!

Laura Lee /edwardsJune 7, 2017

You can't leave us hanging like this. What happened? Did the children impeach you, refuse to sing or mock you? Were you a stellar success? What did you learn from the calling, that assured you that you were where the Lord wanted you to be? Please tell us more.



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