ConversionDear President Albright,

My conversion story is about a Columbian woman named Edelmira. She changed my life.  She taught me about true faith and that the inspired promises we leave as missionaries, are from the Lord.

One day, my companion and I went to check on a potential investigator but no one was home.  On the way back to the car we met a woman using an umbrella as a cane and carrying a large bag of clothing.  We approached her and soon realized that she was blind.  We introduced ourselves and offered our help.  She seemed genuinely grateful to meet us and accepted our help.  She said that she had been praying for angels from the true church to teach her. 

We started teaching her the discussions from that day on.  She explained that at work one day years before she had accidentally sprayed a strong cleaning chemical into her eyes and her sight had deteriorated ever since.  She grew more depressed as her eyesight slowly worsened.  When we met her, she could only see blurry images in black and white, and everything was very dark.  

One evening during a lesson we felt strongly impressed to make her a promise.   We promised her that if she followed the Savior’s example and was baptized, she would regain her eyesight. She accepted our invitation and her faith increased as we read to her from the Book of Mormon.

Just two months after her baptism, she was accepted into a medical clinical trial and the doctors performed an experimental surgery on just one eye.  It was successful so the doctors then operated on her other eye!  When she saw me for the first time after her surgery, she described my rosy cheeks.  We were all elated! The recovery was painful but she could see!  Her faith increased through these experiences and so did mine.   We all gave thanks for her special miracle.

I know that as full-time missionaries, we are representatives of the Lord.  We are on the Lord’s errand. We need to try and say and do what Jesus would do if He were present.  I was converted on my mission.  I love my mission.  The people I have met here, including Edelmira, have changed my life.

Much love,

Jasmine Alvarado