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February 22, 2024

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Debra WellingJuly 28, 2016

Thank you for your testimony and inspired explanation.

AliceJuly 28, 2016

A timely article for me! I will be moving to another house, away from friends I love; away from a place I love and am very comfortable. I am still dreading the move, wondering if I will fit in in the new place, wondering if the people will be accepting of me as I am of a minority racial group, wondering how often I will see my children as I will be moving further away from them. I now have a new understanding of the scriptures that shed a light to give me hope that things will be for the better, and it may prove to be what I have actually been praying for for some time. I live in hope!

RichardJuly 28, 2016

I have a friend who introduced me to this article and I said to her: I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful and inspiring this article has been!!! I have studied and ponder Jacob 5 for very long time and it still reveals wonderful revelations about life and about our circumstances. It has confirm to me the great importance of continuing reading, pondering and studying the Scriptures over and over again. What a blessing it has been for me to of received such an article to read and to ponder.

BrendaJuly 27, 2016

I thank you! This gave me answers to prayers and questions I've had for the last 24 years. In my heart or verbally - I will not complain further more.

Bob SiskJuly 26, 2016

I'm reminded of a portion of Nephi's statement in 1Nephi 19:23. " ... I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it may be for our profit and learning."

Nadine AndertonJuly 26, 2016

What fortuitous timing for me to receive this article on Jacob 5 in my Meridian Magazine this morning! I had just labored over reading Jacob 5 in my evening scripture reading last night. I just wasn't getting it! Instead of moving on to Jacob 6 this morning, I read this article, and the meaning opened up to me! Among all the personal applications for me, I saw this: I am staying for a few weeks with a friend in my ward. She is here from various locations on the East Coast, living with her daughter and son-in-law, who works here in Spokane, WA. She hates it here. The weather is too cold, the houses are ugly and run down, and on and on. She feels like she needs to be with her daughter and grandson, so she won't leave. I hope I can find a tactful way to share this article with her and that she might see a possibility that she is here for a reason. Thank you for your wonderful God-given insights that you share with us. And thank you for the timing that helped me see the olive-tree allegory in a personal way!

DebbieJuly 26, 2016

What a great way to interpret these scriptures!



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