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September 27, 2020

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Bente L SmithSeptember 30, 2015

I so enjoyed your quotes from our apostles and leaders. They inspired me and let me know that all is right with these strong brethren leading us. Thank you, Maureen, for this lovely article.

Sasha Bill KwapinskiSeptember 30, 2015

The process of choosing a new apostle certainly stands in contrast to our Presidential election process, with its continual attacks, punches and counter punches, repeated debates spanning over months, numerous (seemingly endless) public opinion polls; and the commentators and "talking heads" all speculating and pontificating on what did happen,or what will or won't happen.

Jay, TexasSeptember 30, 2015

Thank you for a well written article. I found it concise and to the point.

Jack SpencerSeptember 30, 2015

Thank You for sharing this. It is very educational and edifying to Church members, and Non Members alike.

Colleen HarrisonSeptember 30, 2015

Thank you so much, Maurine, for this article. It was confirmed to my heart by the Spirit from beginning to end and filled my heart with gratitude to our Father and Savior for the consecrated lives of these good men.

DeniseSeptember 30, 2015

Beautifully written ! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, insights and message. I have actually taken something away for use in my Stake RS Training mtg coming up in a couple of weeks. Very timely--in more ways than one !

Jim RicheySeptember 30, 2015

Thanks very much for your enlightening article. I learned several things I did not know.

Leslie ShaughnessySeptember 30, 2015

Thank You so much for a very well written article that reminds me how blessed we are to have a Prophet and Apostles here to guide us through this crazy world we live in. I felt great comfort when I read your words that reminded me how these men are called and the shear sacrifice they offer to serve The Lord the rest of their living days here. I am humbled by the toughts of these wonderful men walking on the earth and helping us find our way. Thank you for this article. It made my day.

Penelope Anne JohnsonSeptember 30, 2015

Great and inspiring article on the calling of new LDS leadership. Very moving. I have re-posted it on Facebook.

Martha Pettijohn MorriseSeptember 30, 2015

Thank you so much for this article. We have a son who is a mission president in Seoul, Korea and we have felt he was called because he served a mission there, has been a Bishop and Stake President, and has kept his knowledge of the Korean language. We realize from your article that all of these were foreordained as preparation for his present and perhaps future callings.

Rick WestSeptember 30, 2015

Great article !! The Lord governs his church in such a beautiful way that you can witness the miracle of the repeated parting of the red sea and the deliverance of latter day Israel. Who ever will be ,will be the man whom the Lord wants in the position at this time in history. May God bless these men with a special witness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our duty is to sustain and follow with all our heart , mind and soul. To understand by the spirit that this church is the Lords church and these men have a call to be one with Christ as they serve his children upon the earth.

Heidi WoahnSeptember 30, 2015

Thank you for the insight Maureen! These are principles which solidify our respect and support for these great men. l appreciate the opportunity to reflect upon this process the week prior to conference.

Kathleen C PERRINSeptember 30, 2015

Maurine, Great article, and of course, I particularly enjoyed coming across my husband's experience of receiving a call to serve in the Church. We are looking forward to this upcoming General Conference.

P. KendroSeptember 30, 2015

A easy to understand article--I learned something new and I enjoy a further knowledge of how orderly our Heavenly Father has things planned out--a lot more prayers will be forthcoming for all the apostles who give their life for the furtherance of Heavenly Father's plan. Thank you for sharing.

Lorena HolmsteadSeptember 29, 2015

I enjoyed this article. It was fun to hear President Hinckley's voice again. How I love their voices. Thank you!



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