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June 29, 2022

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TeressaJune 16, 2015

It is a funny thing I have found in life that when I keep my eye on the Savior and do my best to take care of my own duty, I find nothing to criticize in those around or above me, only appreciation for His love and mercy on my behalf.

HughmarusJune 15, 2015

In response to Brother S I would like to make make the following comments. Having left the church, it did not leave me, and then going through the tedious process of regaining my membership years later, I have come to realize one truth. Doubts and questions are fine, that is why we have prayer. The process of losing one's faith is a slow, almost imperceptible process. I went from being active in the Gospel, to becoming active in the church, and failed to realize the road I was on. That road led to loss of membership.Today I seem to question much more often, is what I am doing, pleasing in the sight of the Lord. I have several callings and only wish I could pursue each of them more hours of each day. That in and of itself is of no assurance that I am on the right path. We recently had a General Authority visit us for our Stake Conference.I was taken back when he said that all of the programs in the church were 'good and useful' but the most important thing we can do is 'develop our relationship with our Savior." All the programs in the Church are a reflection of our belief in the Savior and wanting to do His work. But none, in and of themselves, will allow us receive exaltation. As far as the church receiving more revelation, I believe that means collectively as a worldwide church, we may not be ready for what the Lord wants to reveal to us. There is a very fine line one has to tread to a disciple and scholar. One tends to over power the other so we must be very careful with what we think we know, and personal revelation. Personally I try to stick with the basic tenants and spend my time trying to come to an understanding. My mission president once said, many years ago, that we are attending the Lord's university and a degree is a life time pursuit. Ask questions and have patience. I have come to learn what it means 'to wait on the Lord." Don't leave the ship. Be fearless in what you know. Man, outside the church, will see your light so shine, and you can lead our brothers and Sisters to the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brother S.June 15, 2015

I had Brother Ogden as a teacher in Jerusalem. He is one of my HERO'S in life. I appreciate this message, as I have been struggling with questions. However my questions are not those listed by Br. Ogden. I would love to see Br. Ogden address the issues brought up by many of the LDS bloggers who have recently been ex-communicated. Yes, I believe in Christ, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon, and will not deny my testimony in these things (just as Br. Ogden advises). However, what of the claims made by bloggers who teach that tithing funds are not being used properly, that the poor (LDS) are not being taken care off, in lieu of the Churches many building projects, that church leaders, including mission presidents, are paid very well. Are we members focusing too much on the "men" that lead our church (putting our faith in the arm of flesh," (ideal worshiping), and not focusing our attention and praise (worship) on the ONLY person who can save us, even the Lord Jesus Christ. From my online reading, hundreds, ye thousands of members of the Church are asking these "questions." Not the "old time" questions Brother Ogden lists in his article. Are past and current "prophets" (and apostles) "Infallible?" Can they really never lead us astray? Our dear teachers of religion at BYU (as my hero Brother Ogden) can't be ignorant of what is taking place on the internet (blogs) with those who are discussing these types of questions and are being ex-communicated for doing so. These people believe the church is their church too, and are concerned with its recent history of how it's being operated. Should we not be able to ask questions and raise concerns without the fear of losing our temple recommends or membership? Are we to really follow the Brothern without ever questioning (common consent)? If the Church and it's leaders are a "no fail policy" (infallibility), is not that taking away our agency, and what was proposed in the pre-earth life by the bad guy? Please Brother Ogden and ldsmag, very faithful members of the Church are seeking answers too these questions. What should we make of a man who's initials are DS? Please give us guidance. If this post seems to raise questions that you deem too controversial and or not appropriate for your site, please feel free to delete it, but please pass along to Brother Odgen, We faithful members don't want to do wrong, but many of us feel that something is wrong. Is there not "more" to the gospel than we are being feed (milk), and is the Church being run like a "church" or is it being run like a corporation? We long for Zion, but wonder which way the Church is focused. For many of us, it seems that those who are "seeking Christ the most," are being ex-ed. Everyone (leaders) seem to be giving non-stop the message that we just need to focus on our leaders (the prophet), and they will never lead us wrong. Should not our focus be on Christ and to come unto Him? Please correct me (us). Brother Ogden I so look up to you. I don't have any plans to leave the Church, but thousands of faithful members are asking these questions, not the ones you pose.

Kenneth LindseyJune 13, 2015

As a "retread Mormon" I too haved posed most of the questions in this wonderful article to friends and loved ones. I left the church for over 50 years. My mentor on my return to the Gospel, my neice Carolyn, many times has given me the same counsel in a more simple format( I think intentionaly simple because she secretly beleives me to be "simple"). The message for the action I was to do was"Uncle Kenny,stop your questioning and simply sit down, shut up, listen and then pray about it". How wonderfull it is to return to my Savior and regain my Family!

Gaylen K.CardwellJune 12, 2015

To old friend and singing companion from the Ogden LDS Institute of Religion, well done. I have taught similarly and always have a few pots full of questions simmering on the back burner waiting. Would you also convey my best wishes to my old running and track competitor from Ben Lomond High, Dr. Todd Parker, my best wishes. I've enjoy watching you both on the BYU channel discuss the scriptures. If either of you is ever in St. Louis, I'd love to have come and visit.

TerryJune 12, 2015

Thank you for a very timely article. I have noticed as I have listened to various critics that they can often build a fairly convincing case, up to a point. But never have I heard one who could produce a viable alternative. From my knowledge of the Book of Mormon the explanation that it was written by prophets and translated by a prophet is the easiest to believe. Is there any other viable explanation? I have never heard one. I have heard some flippant dismissals, but never an alternative. If I find myself doubting, it is invariably with regard to matters I know little or nothing of - usually historical or scientific. I am not an expert in these things, so I can neither prove nor disprove them. But after many years of active membership in the church there is much I do know. I then remind myself that the purpose of the scriptures is to bring us to Salvation, not to scientific knowledge. We are free, and encouraged, to pursue whatever knowledge we can gain, but we need to remember that there are different kinds of knowledge. Perhaps it matters how the Book of Abraham was translated, but definitely it matters that it teaches us the gospel. Thanks to all who have commented for your positive and faithful responses.

Maryann TaylorJune 12, 2015

I have learned through personal experience that even when we have a strong testimony, Satan will seek to plant doubts in our hearts. Instead of going into a panic when we have a doubtful thought, we need to remember that all kinds of thoughts come and go and they are often untrue. We can remind ourselves of our experiences with prayer, reading the scriptures, listening to living Prophets, and all of those times when we felt the spirit. Now that is REAL.

Harold RustJune 11, 2015

The thoughts reflected here should be on our mirror to be gazed at every morning. We simply need to think about and expand upon those uplifting truths that we can know and feel because that becomes an extra source of happiness right here on earth. To add to the author's list of things we can know, I would include that the messages from our Apostles and Prophets are the most inspiring and encouraging of any talks or texts you will find in any organization with possibly a few high school graduation commemoration speeches as an exception.

Annette SladeJune 11, 2015

So timely and appreciated. Your well-crafted words of explanation will help many. Thank you, Br Kelly.

JenniferJune 11, 2015

Thank you! This expresses exactly how I feel in words that I would struggle to put down on paper. The gospel blesses my life every day. I don't know where I would be without it. When I feel far from the spirit I try to follow the counsel to immerse myself in The Book of Mormon. The spirit always returns and my testimony is strengthened.

Caroline Christy OttoJune 11, 2015

Thank you very much, dear, wonderful old semester abroad teacher of mine. My husband and two sons desperately need this. I have been losing them (the Church has been losing them). I apprecate this help very, very much.

gilles tremblayJune 11, 2015


DeniseJune 11, 2015

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this article with us today. I have felt a witness that what you say is true and you have helped in building up my testimony by pointing out some things that I had forgotten or haven't thought about in a long time. Beautiful. I know God lives, loves and wants me to succeed. That's good enough for me !

Jim SeelyJune 11, 2015

Well said. Since first meeting you in the Singles Wards at Weber State a very long time ago, I have followed you over the years in various publications. You continue to inspired me and countless others. Keep up the good work.

JesseJune 11, 2015

Other things I know because I have personally experienced them: There is miraculous power to heal in the priesthood. God answers prayers miraculously. My mother, a well-educated, non-delusional, spiritually deep convert to the church knew the gospel is true. Better, smarter, wiser, men and women than I also know the gospel is true. God loves me and my family. He has protected and guided me even when I didn't know it. God occasionally spiritually witnesses to men and women including me. There is joy in serving in God's kingdom.

John W. BuckleyJune 11, 2015

Thank you for your beautiful perspective and testimony!

Jerry LJune 11, 2015

Very insightful. I feel like memorizing (at least the major points of) this text, so as to have a ready answer for all those who want to point a finger of scorn at those who are endeavoring to hold to the rod and be faithful to the church and kingdom. I am grateful for those such as Bro Kelly, who have spent the time to articulate the testimony and feelings of many

Tom JohnsonJune 11, 2015

Nice job, Kelly.

Brian ZufeltJune 11, 2015

Very well stated, D Kelly. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people focus on the negative for some strange reason. I often ask myself what I would be doing with my life if I wasn't a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints any longer. I have come to realize my life would be MUCH worse in almost every regard, including my earthly happiness. Christ taught us to learn and live charity. The Gospel helps me so much in that one aspect of living alone and gives me a greater purpose than if I was just living for me, but if there is a heaven, and I believe there is, I hope that God will recognize my earthly efforts.

Bob JonesJune 11, 2015

Thank you I really needed to be reminded of what I do know.

Janet G.June 11, 2015

Perfect ! You are an amazing scholar and able to say what needs to be said in clear and unmistakable ways. Thank you for saying what we and doubters need to have heard. I am going to pass this on to others who need your testimony. I am grateful for this from you.

Herma PerkinsJune 11, 2015

This is very well said. I think that every member of the Church should read this article!

BeverlyJune 11, 2015

I LOVE this explanation and it builds my testimony!

Reed FisherJune 10, 2015

Very well said. I have had the same thoughts but couldn't have put those excellent words together. Thank you very much!



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