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December 6, 2019

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Renaissance NerdMarch 20, 2015

"Would you exchange them–now–for two years filled with fun?" "No," said Rilla slowly. "I wouldn't. It's strange–isn't it?–They have been two terrible years–and yet I have a queer feeling of thankfulness for them–as if they had brought me something very precious, with all their pain. I wouldn't want to go back and be the girl I was two years ago, not even if I could. Not that I think I've made any wonderful progress–but I'm not quite the selfish, frivolous little doll I was then. I suppose I had a soul then, Miss Oliver–but I didn't know it. I know it now–and that is worth a great deal–worth all the suffering of the past two years. And still"–Rilla gave a little apologetic laugh, "I don't want to suffer any more–not even for the sake of more soul growth. At the end of two more years I might look back and be thankful for the development they had brought me too; but I don't want it now." "We never do," said Miss Oliver. "That is why we are not left to choose our own means and measure of development, I suppose. No matter how much we value what our lessons have brought us we don't want to go on with the bitter schooling." —L.M. Montgomery, Rilla of Ingleside

DanielMarch 19, 2015

I'm going through the "I don't want to do it," phase, and appreciated the insights of this article. Thanks!

AllieMarch 19, 2015

I LOVED this! I Want what He wants!



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