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July 15, 2020

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LarsMarch 8, 2015

Part of these issues with sexuality stem from sexual abuse. How does a person come to feel happy and healthy about something that was so shaming and ugly in their lives? It is a question I ask often. 1 in 3 women are sexually abused. The onslaught of pornoghraphy pushes the hopes for a healthy relationship to scarcity. I'm trying to teach my children that sex in marriage is good. Through Christ there is healing. Through Christ I know there is hope. It is a journey that takes longer than I want but I am thankful for healthy people around me and articles like these that tell me to press on in faith.

ANONMarch 3, 2015

My wife and I married in the temple shortly after my mission and we both had no experience prior. Frankly, it took us a couple of weeks to overcome our inexperience. Many (many) years later, we joke about it now and wouldn't be surprised if more people didn't have the same experience we did. I would say that the young people of today certainly have a far more sexualized culture than we did.

Gaylen K.CardwellFebruary 25, 2015

As a father and grandfather, this is a subject that has concerned me for years. I wrote my opinions on the subject in a book available at, called Agency and Consequences pp. 118-150. Briefly, too many are so confused by the messages they're getting. Some are scared to death of sex, even within legal and lawful marriage; and other have no restraints at all. This is very timely. Thank You.

Renaissance NerdFebruary 25, 2015

I guess my family is more in tune with Church doctrine than some; I was never taught that sex was a 'necessary evil' or anything like it. As my mother put it, it's just a plain necessity as well as sacred. I feel a little surprised to hear that this non-Mormon belief has been cropping up among Mormons, and a bit doubtful; I've never gotten that impression from any teacher or leader at Church. However I expect that if it's true, it's likely a family thing, and with such a large number of people joining our Church from other religions and many cultures, it's not all that shocking. I'm glad the Church has made an effort to make the doctrine that sexual matters are sacred AND necessary rather than 'original sin' more available and specific. I'm sorry, however, that it's needed.

H.V & M.CFebruary 25, 2015

Dear Scott Years ago we attended a class at the U.of U. Institute of Religion that was taught by you.. We were so impressed with the depth of understanding of the writings of Mariah on sexuality that we have sent a copy to all of our children and 33 grandchildren. You can surely be proud of the skills your daughter has gained in writing.

MoyoFebruary 25, 2015

As a leader in the Church I really appreciate this article because I have been worried about some members marriages breaking down over a lack of communication on sexuality and sexual matters. This has now given me Church resources to be able to address these important marital issues. Thank you very much!

MoyoFebruary 24, 2015

As a leader in the Church this is an area that I have been bothered by, witnessing some marriages breaking down because of a failure to open up to each other on the areas of sexuality. With this article and the FHE lesson I believe we can begin to help these people. Thank you very much for this!



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