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April 1, 2023

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KCJanuary 15, 2023

Thank you! Love this perspective. One minute little change I would make, that is just "semantics". I would change the "Why? Because They want us to have what They have." to "be". Too many of us mortals want our children to "have" stuff or opportunities or lifestyles. If we're honest, we really want them to "be" more like the best parts of ourselves and the things we also aspire to. Having means you can also have not. Being is something that becomes a part of you never to be taken away.

Becky S.January 15, 2023

That was long, but worth the read, in fact it kept getting better each new point that was made. The eternal perspective and staying on a covenant path really does help us understand Gods love and will for all mankind.

Richard EyreJanuary 14, 2023

Several have asked for discussion questions for this article so that it can be discussed in study groups or book clubs. So I am providing those below. Also, I would welcome your comments directly to me since I know that this is a sensitive subject and you may not wish to comment publicly on Meridian. You are welcome to email me at [email protected] (this is the most private email that I have.) Discussion questions: 1. Does your current perception of what the Church is match better with Paradigm 1 or with Paradigm 2. 2. Do you agree that one who views the Church as a "means" rather than an "end" would be less susceptable to faith crisis? 3. Does thinking of the Church as a "means" rather than ad "end" raise or lower the importance of the Church in your mind? 4. Did you find yourself in agreement with the bullet points about what the Paradigm 2 causes both within our minds and within the Church? 5. Was the article helpful in better understanding the relationship between families and the Church? Please send any other questions or comments to me at the email at the top of this message. Thans for reading, and thinking, and perhaps commenting, Best, Richard Eyre

Amy PetersenJanuary 14, 2023

I would love and appreciate an article that doesn’t assume that the “staying” family member isn’t still striving to love and accept, despite the very real heartache and pain of another “walking”away. An article that validates that very deep sorrow in the present. Yes ultimately all things will work for good in God’s great Covenant plan and Love, but it is incredibly difficult to deal with unkindness, hurt, and angry accusations from the family members who “walk no more with” the words of eternal life. Who feel it’s ok to persecute and mock the believer. I’d be so grateful for help on this because it happens. Yes be loving and patient and listen thoughtfully to those who leave, but some who leave are at least unkind, at most verbally and emotionally abusive. It’s no easy thing to “just love them”and deal with this for so many. I see many articles about loving those who leave, few about the very real pain for those who stay. Sometimes that feels painfully invalidating.

Dave MyersJanuary 13, 2023

Thank you for this! A really helpful way to see the evolving circumstances of not just family members, but also dear friends. A companion paradigm that has helped me is the realization that it's not my job to try to 'fix' things because that usually makes things worse. My job is to love, without judging.

Maureen GaleJanuary 13, 2023

The Eyres can always be counted on for a fresh, enlightening viewpoint that explains, enriches, and is timeless in it's perspective.



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