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May 18, 2022

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Angela MannMay 15, 2022

I can’t love this article enough. This is exactly what my heart and soul know as truth. Ya know when you’re in the ocean at the beach, and the water isn’t very clear and something bumps up against you and you get that icky feeling like you need to get out of the water now….the lack of gospel doctrine truths being taught or supported in church and at home feels a lot like that.

Robert StarlingMay 14, 2022

I value greatly not only spiritual inspiration, but also reason and logic. This author has combined both in a masterful essay, that in my humble opinion should be required reading (and required discussing) for all Christians, and especially all Latter-day Saints. We sing "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet", but what is the value if we are not valiant in obeying and teaching to our children and to others the truths that God has revealed through our prophets? Our Father has given us revelatory guidance for our happiness and our benefit, that we might not be "tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine." Copy and forward this message to parents and others, everywhere. Amen, and Amen.

Kate PiersantiMay 13, 2022

I was recently challenged about teaching my children the whole gospel as they grew up. Why didn't I expose them to other philosophies as they grew? This article is so timely and one I will share with all that think I am brainwashing my children, when I know I am doing what is my responsibility as a parent.

Duane BoyceMay 13, 2022

Amen. A wonderful article.



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