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May 11, 2021

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kaetheMarch 6, 2014

mrs buster- I stayed & despite some straying in what I consider doctrine- ( & the violence wasn't gratuitous-alot less that the passion)... the audience was sniffling & I did not see a dry eye as we left. This will indeed touch many & does a good joy to encourage us to think about Christ!

ramona gordyMarch 5, 2014

I am for it: any press can be good press. I believe that God is in the details. Jesus spoke to the masses in parable's , and his reasoning was that the ears of most people were "filled with the wax of the conversation of the world" and in effect they could not "hear" the truth as spoken plainly. So these movies may have flaws in doctrine and are superfluous in presentation, but just like parables, they are presented in a way that any one with ears to hear and eyes to see, will.

mrs.busterMarch 1, 2014

I saw the Son of God yesterday and walked out. I felt the makers of the movie were laughing all the way to the bank. It did not elicit the same emotion as the Passion! No where close. 2 minutes or less was spend on Christ atonement and 45 minutes on the crucification before I walked out because I thought the violence was gratuitous. No explanation of WHY Christ died except for heresy. I very much plan on seeing Moses as long as it's not make by these people.

Nancy FranceFebruary 28, 2014

I'm serving a mission in South Africa at the present time and look forward to the film Noah. Creating this movie is a great relief from much of the trash coming out lately. The critics can say what they may but my reality is toward God and Bible History opposed to foul language and indecency. I hope to see a record breaking audience,

SKShelloFebruary 28, 2014

We had an awesome experience a few years ago when we went to see Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. When it ended, instead of people getting up and leaving, the entire crowd just stayed, silent, for minutes. And then, quietly, people left. I suspect that Son of God will elicit similar responses from people. Roma Downey and her husband have made every effort to keep with the Spirit. Not so sure about the other shows...but I do know that these are days that are seeing a large split in the population, and Christians of all denominations are banding together on some awful subjects. These movies seem to be part of a final effort to find folks wherever they are, and encourage them to being their path towards JesusChrist. WHY do we need so many reminderss to do what is right???? I am that Christ is so hurt with what is going on in the world today...

PKOKFebruary 28, 2014

The righteous (more righteous) are being gathered by the Lord and Christians from many ministries are being called to preach to the world. It is good. Let's pray that the box office pays the creators for this resurgences of God and these stories so we can have more. I'm excited. Be sure to see 'Identical' too.

MichelleFebruary 28, 2014

Whatever the driving force behind the making and releasing of these big films for general audiences, I do think many viewers will dust off the old family Bible to read these depicted accounts for themselves. Perhaps they will also find that they just can't put the Book down! And wouldn't that be a wonderful coming-together of people of faith, or of budding faith, in prophets, miracles, God's very interest in His children, and in Jesus Christ? I look forward to the after effect of this year in Biblical film, even though it might cause further polarization between scriptural believers and non-believers. Certainly it will also stir viewers to examine their faith. My hope is all who see these films will experience the "likening unto themselves" thought process.



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