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June 14, 2024

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Cindy HuffakerDecember 29, 2013

I agree with Harold that this is beyond SSM - it is about judicial activism towards limiting free speech.

Harold RustDecember 27, 2013

Perhaps if our judges and courts included clear wording in their proclamations which reaffirmed the right of any American to speak out against any lifestyle they oppose--such as same sex marriage---then this bitter pill wouldn't be quite so intolerable. Unfortunately, the next step is for the legal system to dictate that any public denouncement of cohabitation, polygamy, or same sex marriage is subject to civil fines and criminal prosecution. That is when we know the courts have completed their task of taking all free rights away from the people.

MTHDecember 24, 2013

My business minded brother-in-law wondered if now that marriage is an option if there will be loss of domestic partner benefits if the couple is not legally married. That said, I do wonder if there is room for the definition of marriage to be different based on beliefs.

Paul HunterDecember 24, 2013

This is a great article, Sister Procter. I really appreciate people like you and your husband who speak out in this way for the sanctity of marriage and other important family issues of our time. I applaud all of your efforts and stand by you on these important values.

Joan G. SmithDecember 24, 2013

Unfortunately, most of our citizens were (as I was) sure that Utah would be the last state standing against gay marriage. The Prop 8 debacle should have prepared us... but it is very disheartening to see how easily the people's will can be over-turned. These events prove that we need to be even more vigilant & involved in the affairs of our state & our country.

TimDecember 24, 2013

To clarify Lowell Nelson's comment, the Tenth Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to define the balance of power between the federal government and the states. The amendment says that the federal government has only those powers specifically granted by the Constitution. Any power not listed is left to the states. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that laws affecting family relations (including marriage) are among those specifically reserved to the states or the people, Let's not forget that is the reason the US Congress was able to pass the draconian laws forbidding polygamy since Utah was not a state at the time, and those laws were not valid within the US itself. If you follow the judge's line of reasoning, not only is same sex marriage legal, but also plural marriage. Taken to its logical conclusion the same arguments in favor of the one apply to the other, and I don't think any but a tiny minority would advocate plural marriage. I would also question why it is assumed that same sex marriage is now legal in Utah. If it wasn't legal before 2004, how does striking down Utah's constitutional amendment suddenly make it legal? Surely, if the amendment was unconstitutional it simply means that the same laws that applied before 2004 still apply.

mighty mouseDecember 24, 2013

Hollywood, Geoge Soros, Tom Steyer, Academia, and the mainstream media have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to glorify same sex marriage and influence our youth that sexual liberation is the end all of life. It is like a mighty tide that has been building and now we see this seismic shift. Being the father of 4 daughters and a son. The indoctrination is real ongoing and effective. The red herring of prop 8 and the church involvement is more like David and ten thousand goliaths. Those supporting same sex marriage and every other Christian view including Christmas face those with billions of dollars vs millions. We must teach our children to be moral and ignore the deafening beat of those that say otherwise

oldskoolDecember 23, 2013

Make some noise about this abuse of democracy that the opinion of one can over ride to common voice of the people is in no way democracy time to wake up Utah

S LuckDecember 23, 2013

If they have to, why can't those people just go on living together as they have been doing for years. What do they hope to gain by "getting married". Surely nothing will have changed. I live in Canada and we have the sme problem here. What does that judge hope to gain by imposing such a law on the people of Utah .

Joan G. SmithDecember 23, 2013

Unfortunately, most of our citizens were (as I was) sure that Utah would be the last state standing against gay marriage. The Prop 8 debacle should have prepared us... but it is very disheartening to see how easily the people's will can be over-turned. These events prove that we need to be even more vigilant & involved in the affairs of our state & our country.

just meDecember 23, 2013

the problem with progessives is - there is never 'enough' - there is nothing that can't be degraded - nothing special that can't be made base.

Bruce WillilamsonDecember 23, 2013

It seems that trying to do the right thing is being outlawed here. Advocates of traditional marriage proposed a federal constitutional amendment to define marriage as the relationship of one man and one woman. Opponents said hands off the federal constitution - this is not a federal matter anyway but a state's right to decide. So many states including Utah felt vindicated and protected by their own constitutional amendments. Then a federal judge rules in effect that the federal constitution overrules any state constitution on this matter. SUMMARY: there is no fair way that supporters of traditional marriage will be allowed to win on this issue. They won't be allowed access to change the federal constitution, and any state constitution can be overruled on this matter by one federal judge. And "we the people" have no veto power through those they elected to office. I thought one-man rule ended with King George III.

John StephensDecember 23, 2013

GAY once a word we used with "gay abondon" now we can't use it for fear that people will misunderstand its real meaning. Now the Homosexual movement has stolen the word MARRIAGE. The legal system around the world is failing the people. I'm Australian and disappointed with their decisions, surely they are accountable to SOMEONE.

John BasingerDecember 23, 2013

This is much bigger than the question of same-sex marriage. Does government by the people still exist or has it comprimised by those sworn to defend it?

Lowell NelsonDecember 23, 2013

Utah is (supposed to be) a sovereign state. And we should act sovereign. Utah defined marriage as the traditional union between one man and one woman. And enshrined this in its constitution. REGARDLESS of what some federal judge says. Yes, REGARDLESS. The feds have NO authority to tell Utah what to do in this (domestic) matter. NONE. Do NOT fall for the mistaken notion that federal authority trumps state authority. The states ratified the US Constitution, which vests specific, enumerated, limited authority in a central government. NO WAY does the constitution authorize the central government to trump state authority in this matter. NO WAY. County clerks throughout Utah should obey the Utah Constitution. They may NOT issue marriage licenses to couples of the same sex. And doing so should subject them to civil and/or criminal penalties. We have a constitution for a reason. And to IT the officers of government should adhere.

Ralph C HancockDecember 23, 2013

Thank you, Maurine -- and kudos to DesNews for coming out immediately with a strong, front-page opinion against this judicial tyranny. If citizens of Utah cannot rally against this usurpation, which strikes at the heart of our social fabric (already disastrously weakened, alas), then, we are not citizens, we have no republic, and we are resigned to accepting the rule of sexual liberation as the authoritative norm of our society. It will not be a live & let live regime, believe me.

JoyceDecember 23, 2013

I was really shocked that Utah would have same-sex marriage, but all the same, these are the Last Days and all sorts of things have been prophecied to happen before the 2nd Coming. It shouldn't be a surprise when things happen that threaten our religious freedom or to destroy the family. It's the devil working triple over time. To me, it means the 2nd Coming is all that closer and we need to all be prepared so we don't get discouraged.

Jeriann MarksDecember 23, 2013

A Truth is a Truth and no amount of Legislation can ever alter that Truth. To be in a position of Authority and misuse that Position will be of grave consequences to the person misusing his/her Authority. But, should we be surprised at this. Satan is alive and well and desperate as the world winds down to its conclusion. The gulf between good and evil is just broadening ever more quickly. But, "as for me and my house, we will Serve the Lord," and His Truths.

TEldenDecember 23, 2013

This past summer in the DOMA case, the Supreme Court said that federal law could not override New York state's decision to allow same sex-marriages; now, Judge Shelby has said that federal law can override Utah state's decision not to allow same-sex marriages. This case needs to go to the Supreme Court. I have tracked the legal and Church doctrine on this issue for 25 years and inter-acted with many members of the Church who experience same-sex attraction. My heroes and heroines are those people who experience SSA, but do not engage in homosexual behavior.

RBCDecember 23, 2013

For a single judge to make such a decision with such wide spread impact alone and then not allow for judicial review, shows his mind-set; he really thinks he is God and to legislate HIS opinion into law proves it. To step so far beyond the Supreme Court's ruling of last summer proves that in his case the law is not blind and that he is usurping the balance between the legislative and judicial branches of government set forth under the Constitution, that same Constitution which he swore to uphold. For this reason, judicial proceedings should begin immediately to remove him from the bench.

vickieDecember 23, 2013

No words can describe my sadness at this misuse of power.

Andrea HodgesDecember 23, 2013

I live in Florida, where we struck down same sex marriage years ago, so goes Utah, so goes Florida. It won't be long for sure. I am against same sex marriage for many reasons, one big one is it is against Gods plan. Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on America, we are on the slippery slope...

MeMyselfDecember 23, 2013

I was involved in a lawsuit a few years ago. The lawyer mentioned to me that after a judge has been on the bench for a short while, he/she starts to believe he is all-powerful, and acts like he/she is a god. In this case, judge Shelby is so drunk with the power of the bench, he is no longer capable of interpreting the law, and feels that his own personal opinions are more important than the laws passed by the people of Utah. Judge Shelby is the worst kind of dictator, and needs to be immediately removed from the bench.

Richard ColettiDecember 23, 2013

Guess What Judge ... There is "No Right Way" to do a "Wrong Thing"!

Earl GreenDecember 23, 2013

I am an active member of the LDS Church, but have dealt with SSA most of my life. I don't agree with same sex marriage because it uses the word marriage which is sacred and is for one man and one woman for obvious reasons. But, I do agree that those who have chosen to want to have a life long monogamous partnership with someone of the same sex, deserve that union, just call it something besides the word marriage. The article said that in 2004 2/3s of the population of Utah voted for the constitutional ammendment to preserve marriage as we understand it in Utah. Now, ten years later, things have changed. A very recent poll that i can't remember who made it but there were a large number polled; concluded that 63 perscent of people polled in Utah said that same sex marriage should be allowed. To really see what people as a whole think I wish it was possible to have some kind of referendom or informal vote by all Utah voters to see what the majority of most people wish before we jump into a legal battle that in the end will very likely fail.. Even the church has been relatively quiet this week on the issue, only issuing a short statement that reaffirms church policy and the 1995 Proclamation to the World. The Church has all but appologized for the Prop 8 efforts and now concentrates on the real issue here which is Freedom of Religion as originally defined in the Constitution, not what it has been construed it to mean by politicians in recent years. I believe that the General Authorities have a real understanding of SSA, its problems, the need for its members to be more open and tolerant. All one has to do is to listen carefully to more recent General Conference talks and Ensign articles to see this. And what about the church website "Mormons and Gays" The problem within the church is not the General Authorities, who have made a real effort to understand and reach out to SSA people or gays in general , The problem is much of the membership and often some Bishops and Stake Presidents who haven't absorbed the real message of the Church Leadership at Church Headquarters. Religious Freedon is a must. Allowing those who want a loving relationship with a same sex spouse is not.



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