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October 27, 2021

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Allen AAugust 20, 2020

Many years ago I made the decision to not buy a TV set. I had seen the increase in evil influences in programming between the time that I left on my mission and when I returned. Programs that my parents were watching had been subtly changed and they had not seen the difference. When I went back to college, I didn't have the money for a set, but I didn't miss it. Now I see what having a TV continually in their home has done to my sister and her family and I regard it as a poison as bad as internet pornography. The people who control content on TV are in service to Satan and it shows clearly if you want to see it.

HalAugust 13, 2020

Thank you for this article! Sadly we sometimes not only live IN Sodom, we invite the influence of Sodom into our very homes. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find entertainment that does not depict and even glorify promiscuity, infidelity, violence, blasphemy, and every type of vile sin one can imagine. We see evidence that we truly live in the last hours of the last days. Thank the Lord for a living prophet, inspired leaders, the scriptures, and personal revelation.



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