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May 17, 2024

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Debbie HenckeMay 5, 2020

While what you say has merit, you are missing some key elements that the Federal government was designed to do. That was to create a mode of conveyance of checks and balances and providing a means of economic/trade balance for the states. Unfortunately, the current executive branch isn't allowing any of that to happen. In France and Germany where the governments payed the people upward of 80% of their salary, I see no evidence of people giving up their agency.

Ronald Adams BitterApril 27, 2020

Hi Gary, Well said as usual. Our best to you and your family.

SueApril 27, 2020

This is the part that is the most scary to me. It is amazing to me how easy we are willing to give up and freedoms and how good we feel about ourselves as we do it. I think of all the blood that has been shed to protect those freedoms and it saddens me to think without any force whatsoever, without coercision we just like sheep blindly follow along. My experience has been that as soon as this kind of power is wielded over our nation it happens again and again. This will not be the last time. I wonder what will come next time to ennoble us into thinking by giving up our freedom and we are doing the "right" thing.

Gary LawrenceApril 22, 2020

Tracy Horowitz: Book should be released the first part of June. Send me your email to [email protected] and I'll let you know exact date when I know it. Thanks.

K. McClureApril 21, 2020

In a nutshell! Thank you. Now to get the word out.

Tracy HorowitzApril 21, 2020

Nicely stated. When will your next book be published? I don't want to miss it.

JasonApril 21, 2020

I am subscribed to daily emails from the White House. One of them recently said that for the first time in history, his administration is responding by decentralization. More local power, less federal power. Words and actions aren’t always consistent though, especially with politicians. I haven’t paid enough attention to see how truthful his administration is being about that.

ScottHApril 21, 2020

There is presently no shortage of those who willingly sacrifice their agency to assuage their fears. We hear many loud voices clamoring for increased coercive measures to address those fears. And of course, where a demand for coercive power exists, a supply of leaders hungry to wield that kind of power will emerge. Perhaps the Lord has granted us this situation so that we can better understand how one-third of the host of heaven sided with Lucifer.

RobertApril 21, 2020

It’s worse than that. How many give up their freedom in the name of “entitlements”. When one accepts “free stuff”, they unwittingly (or wittingly) give up their right to make their own decisions. They have in effect sold their “agency” to another. They become dependent and place their trust in the arm of man. This, I believe, is the most dangerous threat of all to our way of life, our freedoms.

Sara StephensApril 21, 2020

Yes! I’m surprised by how many do willingly give up their freedom in the name of safety. This has bothered my inner most soul from the very beginning. Thank you for your well spoken opinion piece.



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