March 2, 2021

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Lisa SottileApril 18, 2020

Brother Lindsay, I agree. It's not about health; it's all about control. And we DO need to educate ourselves. It may be worthwhile to listen to what David Icke shared on London Real. It was pulled from YouTube and Vimeo. What happened to the First Amendment and many other liberties once enjoyed in America? A month ago if someone had told us that in the coming weeks we would be on lockdown, our schools, churches, restaurants, businesses closed, supplies difficult to find, mandatory masks, speakers blaring orders at Costco, our missionaries returned to their home lands, and our economy crashing, we wouldn't have believed it. Yet look how quickly this has a flaxen cord... and how we are submitting as they attempt to keep us in fear.

LisaApril 18, 2020

Brother Lindsay, I agree--it's not a health issue; it's all about control. And we DO need to educate ourselves . . . outside mainstream media which is absolutely censored. It may be enlightening to listen to what David Icke has shared on London Real. It has been pulled from YouTube and Vimeo. What's happened to the First Amendment . . . as well as many other liberties America used to enjoy?

MarciApril 14, 2020

Thanks you for your article. I loved that you said it's about our liberties being taken away now. That is what I have felt. I'm glad I'm not alone. Governors are feeling like dictators. There are so many easy solutions to getting our economy going. I like what Joseph Smith taught "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves." I feel the seagulls came, the virus is going away but will the politicians relinquish their power? 51 deaths by car, 15 by virus in Utah but no one has ever said stopped driving. I know many who have lost jobs, businesses. We need to go back to work and we can do it. Trust us to take precautions.

Allison DunlapApril 13, 2020

Dr. Fauci is not a trusted icon. He is Deep State and has hidden agendas. Anything you hear from Mainstream media is also biased and cannot be considered true news. You did alot of research which I can appreciate but I don't trust the sources you used for this article

JuliannApril 13, 2020

Lengthy, but excellent article touching on key elements of this COVID-19 pandemic. People, propaganda, and problems to ponder upon and potential solutions to hang hope on. As a Hospice Chaplain, currently shut out of Assisted Living, Senior Care Centers , and individual homes, I can attest that phone calls, Face Time, letters, decorating doors or windows, any type of human connection can work to lift and encourage. Isolation is causing tremendous stress and even cognitive decline in Seniors and singles. We may not be able to ‘reach out and touch someone’, but we can use creative ways to reach out and assure others that we care.

Laura BreymanApril 13, 2020

Simple but true. I pray each morning to know who needs a phone call or text message. It has resulted in some wonderful discussion and encouragement for both of us.



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