March 2, 2021

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DC YoungSeptember 30, 2019

This article provides sound, rational understanding to the issue of the "transgender" craze and movements to limit proper and needed help to those caught up in gender identity. The concepts noted here need wide circulation.

Ken RichmondSeptember 28, 2019

Thank you and good work! As a therapist, I am frustrated to see so many who struggle with gender issues and have significant trauma, yet the profession chooses to put blinders on-for what reason I am not sure.

HalSeptember 27, 2019

Great article, thank you! I, too, showed some same-gender attraction behaviors as a young child. Thankfully, in that day and age, such things were "just not done." Through gentle guidance from my family and friends, I simply grew out of my attraction by the time I was about 15 years old. Thank goodness no one ever told me to "embrace" my gender confusion in my tender years. Had I done so, I would have missed out on the joy of marrying and having a family.

Dorothy KeithSeptember 26, 2019

As a young girl, I much preferred boyish activities; toy pistols, climbing trees {I was Tarzan, not Jane}, etc. Dolls were for target practice with my bows and arrows.My playhouse became a fort. Boys just had more fun. Eventually, about age 11, I outgrew most of my "tomboy" personna, acquired a boyfriend and though I still enjoyed rough and active sports (now, at age 86, having been married nearly 67 years, I can still play a mean game of ping-pong!) I am grateful not to be growing up in today's world. Heaven help the poor "tomboys" and the more sensitive and artistic boys whose lives could be hijacked before they have time to become what they truly are.

NPPSeptember 26, 2019

Your story is honest and so important for people to know. Thank you for speaking out. I hope they listen. Sometimes I wonder if this whole issue is about a movement, and not really about the children. Children are all unique. We can't put them in boxes. They need to know they have options so that they don't feel trapped and hopeless. This therapy gives them a vital option if they choose to want it. Thank you for advocating for children everywhere to be given the chance to choose.

CubbySeptember 26, 2019

Beautiful story written by a beautiful, articulate woman. Thank you for sharing such a pertinent story with a surprise ending. I am sorry that the horrible event had to happen to you, but you have transformed it into a work of art for convincing society to allow children to grow up and settle into their bodies comfortable, and to accept themselves just as who they are. Especially interesting to me is that yours is not a single event but others have shared similar happenings with you. You must be doing a lot of good with your courage to share. Thanks for sharing and increasing our knowledge

SuzieSeptember 26, 2019

Thank you for the post. I know what you have shared is true. For several years, my husband and I took in foster kids who had been sexually abused. Often they were confused about their sexual identity. In our state, they were not provided with therapy to address their issues, and each girl ended up coping differently. One became suicidal and had to be put in an institution. Another became very immoral and self-destructive. Another tried to look very tough and manly, displaying menacing tattoos and eventually choosing a woman to “marry.” Many ended up pregnant and not married. We feel that appropriate counseling would have spared them lives of self-hatred, anger, addictions, criminal activity, and even premature death. In a society where immorality is growing at a rapid pace, therapy, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be the most important things that can be offered to help children ever find peace in this life.

mucumsSeptember 26, 2019

Appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your story.

LJSeptember 26, 2019

Timely! Touching! There is a great dialog on this over on Quilette. It is called "No one is born in the wrong body."

Bob PowelsonSeptember 26, 2019

The therapy must be allowed to continue. It not desirable that the LGBT advocates should rule our ability to treat our children and family.

Judith La MontagneSeptember 26, 2019

For the author: What a marvelous and objective piece this is. It should be published in both Salt Lake City newspapers. The editorial page would be the best, but it probably wouldn't fly there. It shoud at least be in a letter to the editor. There are a number of grammatical corrections needed. I would be happy to help if you would like to be published.

a Latter-day SaintSeptember 26, 2019

Thank you so much for the time and effort, plus the sacrifice of making your story public. You will help countless (including me) with the experience you've gained at such cost. I am very grateful for you sharing your experience and the knowledge you've gained.

Nan HancockSeptember 26, 2019

Thank you for standing up for therapy and being willing to share your story. Banning this type of therapy would be a tragedy.

Robert StarlingSeptember 26, 2019

Thank you, Erin, for bringing a valuable perspective to this vital discussion. Your incredible courage to reveal the tragic reasons behind your gender identity challenges will be an inspiration to others, and hopefully prevent legal mis-steps that would deny helpful therapy to other victims.

SusanSeptember 26, 2019

Wow! Powerful story and information. Thank you. I feel much better informed.

Jeanne HuntSeptember 26, 2019

Thank you!

AnonymousSeptember 26, 2019

Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish other states would take this into consideration, instead of mental health professionals trying to force/forcing parents to “compromise” with their children aka push forward transitioning. They would never tell a parent to compromise with their anorexic child by letting them starve some of the time.

Cherie DaySeptember 26, 2019

This should be printed in the op-ed section of every newspaper in the country. Thank you Erin for sharing such valuable information and a different perspective than what is making all the headlines these days. Your story was helpful in helping me better understand this issue.

LisaSeptember 26, 2019

Very interesting article. It made some really good points. Thank you for sharing. My husband is a therapist so I gave it to him to read.



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