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August 6, 2020

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AnonymousMay 17, 2019

In addition to Kenny's comment, there may be laborers who were sick, injured, or otherwise incapable of laboring all day long, given circumstances beyond their control. It's possible that not many of the laborers who came late had just been partying and shirking responsibilities.

Teri NineMay 17, 2019

Excellent point that Kenny Mazzanti makes! I had never thought of that. I love this parable, just as I love the others Jesus taught. They have so many lessons within each one that we can learn from.

Kenny MazzantiMay 16, 2019

On its face, the laborers who came in to the fields late in the day are blessed with the same pay as those who toiled all day long. Is that fair? Consider that in a hand to mouth existence as portrayed, those who labored all the day also had the security of knowing they would earn enough to buy bread to feed their families that evening while those who stood on the streets hoping for work had the despair as the day went on that they would have nothing to bring their families that evening. Working all the day long in the Gospel gives us peace and security throughout our lives that we will be rewarded by the Lord according to our labor. I have had the security found only in the restored gospel my entire life, and feel sorrow for those that do not have the blessings of the Gospel throughout their lives as I have had.



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