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December 5, 2022

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Gregory C. WeedMarch 12, 2019

What a thrill it was for me to read this article about Cecilia and her blessed family. It was in 1972 as a very new missionary when I was honored to meet Cecilia and her mother and sister Emma in their home. I was stirred by their newly planted testimonies of the Restored Gospel. They were so helpful to Anziano Allen and me in their support as member missionaries. Thank you for stirring up very fond and unforgettable memories.

Camber JonesMarch 8, 2019

I met Cecilia at the Rome Temple on September 4th of last year. My husband and I were there for his business trip and we were able to stop by on our way. We felt such love for her and the wonderful couple that was there. We shared stories for hours and I felt like they were family. I wanted so badly to bring my 4 children back for the open house (knowing how unlikely that was). She kissed my cheeks as I left and gave me the best hug. I felt like I was leaving family. They had shown us so much love and kindness! Later that day we had everything stolen when we visited the tower of Pisa. I was devastated! Heavenly Father had sent me angels to make me stronger before that incident. Our homeowners insurance covered the stolen items that we have not entirely replaced yet. Then ticket prices dropped to the lowest I have ever seen them and we were able to use the rest of the money to take our children back to Italy for the Temple Open House. The second time we attended I walked into the baptistry and there she was! Cecilia, our angel! Everything had come full circle! We cried as we embraced her told her our story and introduced her to our children! It was one of the best experiences of our lives! We cannot thank her enough for being a part of that.

Sally ChalmersMarch 8, 2019

When i served in The Madrid Spain temple with my husband from Jan of 2017 to July of 2018. Cecilia was one of my favorite friends there as she came to do vicarious work on a daily basis when she was visiting her son in Madrid. She is an angel and I am so grateful for my association with her. Thank you so much.

Sylvia RodriguezMarch 7, 2019

I was raised as a Catholic in Utah but at 15 y/o I and my family were baptized in the true church. In 1964 I was privileged to visit Rome and as I stood at the entrance of the Sistine Chapel and watched all the people rushing around, many priests and nuns, I said to myself it will take a miracle to establish the Church of Jesus Christ here. The miracle has happened. The Savior has not forgotten Italy and the Catholics.

Dale BomanMarch 7, 2019

Cecilia is the real thing. I have known Cecilia over 47 years since I was a missionary in Napoli where I met her, then Rome. And we have corresponded regularly since then. She is a spiritual giant and loves the Lord. She is willing to serve with her heart even if in the background of things. It is time she got this attention from LDS magazine. Four generations of Italian latter-day saints because of her.

Patti MorrisMarch 7, 2019

I served my mission in Milano Italia in the late 80's. My heart is full for the people of Italy to finally of their temple. This story is wonderful. It brings to my mind so many other people I meet on my mission with similar stories. Thank you for sharing your story sister.

Steven K. SsenyonjoMarch 7, 2019

This is an inspiring true story, I have been totally touched by it. We are all entitled to personal revelation based on our faith. The Elder had such a revelation regarding temple construction in Italy!!!. Dear Saints let us strengthen our faith to ever qualify for the Holy Spirit.

DianeMarch 6, 2019

I love conversion stories! Thank you for sharing this one!

Virginia DavisMarch 6, 2019

My son served in the Italy Rome mission 1985-1987. I just returned from the Rome Temple open house. It is such a beautiful temple. I was so happy to walk the steps my son did all those years ago. This temple, is definitely a place of holiness unto the Lord. The people are so blessed to have a temple in their country.

Merle RumseyMarch 6, 2019

My husband and we’re able to go the open house of the Rome Temple. I’m so grateful for these wonderful articles. Thank you, Proctors, for all of the wonderful things you do to enrich our lives

Jill BergmanMarch 6, 2019

This makes my heart sing!

Patti HMarch 6, 2019

I so enjoyed reading about Cecilia and her gospel conversion. What a story. It gives me hope. Our youngest son left the church to marry a catholic girl. She has a wonderful, large extended family, but we pray daily that they may come to know the fullness of the gospel.

AngieMarch 6, 2019

As a young woman growing up Catholic, my heart was touched by Ceclia's conversion story. I, too, was converted by missionaries who blessed my life. I will be attending the dedication of the Rome Temple next week and then visiting the homeland of my ancestors in Teora, Italy. My family and friends have been busy doing the temple work for these ancestors and I am so honored to be able to visit where they once lived.

Gina FocosiMarch 6, 2019

Thank you for this wonderful article! I served in the GREATEST Italy Rome Mission between 1980-81 and have recently returned from the Rome Temple Open House, my first time back in Italy since I left the mission field! I LOVE the people of Italy! The new Temple is a testament to their strength and faithfulness! Forza Italia!!!

Martha ClantonMarch 6, 2019

What a wonderful woman! Thank you for sharing part of her story with us.

Diana BakerMarch 6, 2019

This article touched my heart so much and made me cry. I feel close to this temple already because of my mission president. There is so much good in the world to come because of the Savior's presenc e in our lives. May we all try to be a light on the hill as this beautiful sister in the story.

ScottMarch 6, 2019

Way to go Sister Ceclia! What a remarkable daughter of God you are.

Rod BrewerMarch 6, 2019

What a beautiful and inspiring story. We are so grateful for these disciples of Christ and the blessings they have brought to so many.



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