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May 19, 2022

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Penelope Anne JohnsonSeptember 29, 2018

I LOVED this! I have not only experienced this with two spouses, but try to view every human being with an eternal perspective. I tell people that I fell in love with my husbands' immortal souls and laugh about their their mortal failings! I am so glad they have some, so I can be loved in spite of mine too. Your expression of this was absolutely beautiful - as stunning a masterpiece as Scot's photographs.

Helga SilskiSeptember 27, 2018

My husband and I have shared similar feelings for each other. He's gone almost 5 years now, serving on the other side of the veil while I am still here trying my best to keep up. Your tender message filled my heart with a yearning that all people might feel this way about their spouse, experiencing a oneness even in this life and a love that continues to grow deeper and more precious. Thank you for sharing!

LauniSeptember 26, 2018

Oh, my goodness--you two are the most amazing people I have ever known. I love to look at both of you together because it truly gives me hope and comfort--that this thing called marriage, can indeed work, REALLY work, just the way the Lord intended it to...for some people. You are both a blessing to me and I am grateful to be able to watch your lives from the sidelines. I adore you both.

Dorothy ThompsonSeptember 26, 2018

What a beautiful, meaningful, loving letter to your daughter! You are so blessed to have such a spiritual relationship with your sweetheart. Thank you for sharing your special experience from the other side of the world with all of us!

Marilynne LinfordSeptember 26, 2018

If all marriages were like this, we would be a Zion people. Your ability to see the divine in each other is beyond beautiful. How blessed you are.

Richard JukesSeptember 26, 2018

Maurine, You really captured the sentiments we all felt upon falling into the ethereal, stunning vistas of the Huang Shan mountains. And, truly, our first thoughts were of sharing these experiences with our children. The constant thoughts were to share...quick, you've got to come and see (or feel) this.... Thank you for sharing

Linda Starr WinansSeptember 26, 2018

What a beautiful tender exchange you shared. How appropriate for all of us to adopt that paradigm as we interact with our spouses. Thanks for an enlightening and contemplative challenge I too can adopt - even after all these years of marriage.

KristineSeptember 26, 2018

Maurine, this is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your secret. It is precious.

Kathy GivensSeptember 26, 2018

Maurine, thank you for this beautiful advice and sharing. I have seen for myself the way you both see each other as we traveled once together and I love the way you have captured the essence of eyes to see. We are trying to learn how to see as God sees so the amazing beauty that is all around us can become visible. Thank you for "seeing" and sharing your words and pictures with all of us.

Marva CoombsSeptember 26, 2018

Wonderful! You said beautifully what my husband and I also believe. Boy, looking for the divine in one and another makes life fun.



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