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June 23, 2021

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BJDecember 11, 2017

Don't make the mistake of lumping all Muslims together in one group. It's the same as grouping LDS together with so called Mormon Fundamentalists who practice polygamy. ISIS may be made up of some Muslims but they don't represent all Muslims. The majority of Muslim people are peaceful and law abiding.

Michael ColemanDecember 4, 2017

Its a dedicated edifice of the Lord but that doesn't mean the Lord will stop the wicked every time. He sometimes allows them to carry out their evil deeds to more fully condemn themselves and justify the righteous. Besides, there is a special place in heaven for martyrs of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

vickieDecember 4, 2017

I am surprised to see this. when I think about it. maybe they like the formation of our temples and chose the one in san diego cal. when they do things like this its a warning. I never thought about muslims that they were violent until 9/11. I lived in Kansas city, Mo. I lived in an area that was off to itself and was nice. many of the middle easterners had suddenly moved there. they had a hard time going to the public schools so they bought a building and started their own elementary school. on 9/11 that morning I went to work and police were surrounding that building protecting it from anyone who would do harm. well, there was no one who wanted to do any harm. I thought it was unfortunately we know better. I wonder why though that they decided to do this....

BubbaDecember 4, 2017

Wasn't the original Nauvoo temple a dedicated temple?

CraigDecember 4, 2017

I guess being pro Muslim and pro rapeugee are not enough to protect the church form the violence of a violent religion. Who knew?

No worriesDecember 4, 2017

It's a dedicated edifice of the Lord. His protection is over it. I'm not worried.



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