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May 7, 2021

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vickieApril 26, 2017

some blessings are also dependent on the worthiness of the recipient. the person receiving the blessing not just on the priesthood holders. and how the blessing turns out or what happens later doesn't have anything to do with the priesthood or lack thereof. Heavenly Father has a plan and we don't need to worry about the turn out....we just need to exercise FAITH....

DeeApril 26, 2017

To Saddened Contributor: Do you happen to be the spouse of a porn addict? I am. If you are not, I am afraid you have no idea how much truth there is here in the [assumptions] that the author made in this true story... Perhaps (you) are the one taking liberties with your comments? In the story, the men themselves knew they were not able to be the conduit for a Priesthood ordinance when being sought out... It "is" worthwhile to comment on "why" they were not able to... As 7 of 10 males (both inside the LDS church and outside) are involved in pornography, and or sexual misbehavior... make no mistake, there was/is a high probability porn use was likely the reason these men declined... Hoo-ray for "them" that did have the courage to speak up and politely decline...

Saddened contributorApril 25, 2017

Even in these pieces written for a popular audience, there always seems to be a dose of guilt and shame dished out to those who may allegedly not be worthy. There are many perceived miracles that occur with no priesthood involvement and many sorry outcomes where the priesthood was administered to no avail. We rarely speak of those "Will of the Father" moments when the desired outcome is not achieved. The point is, if someone finds comfort in receiving a blessing that's great. But let's not take liberties labeling and assuming others are unworthy if they think or behave in a different manner. This is one of the sad, but toxic and common flaws of the LDS.

Linda FredricksonApril 25, 2017

My husband was a paramedic for years and even though he held the priesthood and could worthily use it, he would not have been allowed to administer to anyone while on the job. He could have been fired for doing so.

ShaunApril 22, 2017

Wow, this mad me cry. I have took advantage of this special gift. I thought oh I have the preisthood. I'm good. All the time never thinking that it's a special gift. Not a right that I have it. I will change. Thank you all for your beautiful comments. You helped one blind preisthood memeber.

David MohrApril 21, 2017

I had a home teaching companion who made deliveries to various job sites in Alberta, Canada. One day he drove onto a site just after an accident. He was shocked when the injured man, who was not known by him, pointed to him and said he wanted "that man" to administer a blessing to him. Luckily he had oil with him and could do the blessing. He told me that since then he has always carried oil because you never know when you might need it. From that lesson I always carry oil also.

Catherine MatthewsApril 21, 2017

Our daughter was three when she fell crushing her pinky finger between a log she was carrying for the wood stove and the concrete floor in the garage. Our Home Teacher happened to be working in the ER that morning and after she had pain meds and X-rays, he and my husband gave her a Priesthood blessing. Every doctor that walked by her X-rays just shook their head. Even hearing one say it was sure to be amputated. When the pediatrician arrived he flat said there was nothing he could do and to call in the surgeon. When the surgeon came in he said he thought he could save it. My husband told him he didn't want a "I think" or he would call a friend that could fly her to another hospital. He said he would save it. Going into surgery it looked like only a thread of skin was holding it together. Three hours later he came out saying everything looked good. He couldn't' believe when they got into it the ligaments were intact, the arteries and veins were intact, and the bone plates were intact. She had a pin in that would have to come out in six weeks. At her two week check up, X-rays were taken and after looking at them the doctor came into the room and said everything was looking good and the pin should come out. I questioned the six week time frame and he opened her chart, left the room calling his associate to come look at the X-rays hanging on the wall outside the exam room. They conferred and agreed the pin needed to come out now. He then told the associate that it had only been two weeks and walked into the room and said "You Mormons, we never know what you will do!". The pin came out. Even this doctor knew that there is something special in a priesthood blessing. I am thankful for a husband, Home Teachers, and others who are worthy to give Priesthood blessings.

LeslieMarch 18, 2017

Helen Mar Kimble, I would say it's too bad we live in a time where too many lack faith and the ability to sustain foreordained and called leaders who are acting on Christ's behalf and instead want to in essence "tell God what to do." It's His will we seek; not our own. And through Him, all things are possible. What happened that day is how it was intended to happen.

JMarch 17, 2017

My dear Mother in Law even carries around an oil vial with some oil in it. Obviously she can't use it herself, but if she or anyone else needs it at a moments notice : There it is! Right there on her keychain, always ready to go. I probably should do the same.

Kirk LindholmMarch 17, 2017

Since seeing my Bishop early last year and going through the repentance process. I can now with great humility use the Priesthood I have been blessed with. And I carry oil with me always. What a great blessing knowing I am worthy.

Tom JohnsonMarch 6, 2017

I should carry the oil with me

Kurt WalkerMarch 4, 2017

It is always a great reminder that as a Priesthood holder I have a responsibility to those around me who may be in need. Thanks for sharing.

MariMarch 4, 2017

There are probably countless stories where quiet service was able to be done by worthy priesthood holders giving a blessing. But the one I remember was the day I met my children after school and they told me about the child (a member of our ward) who had just been run over by a car just outside the school yard. The principal of the school literally ran with oil in hand and arrived just as the child's mother asked for a blessing. He and another child's father who happened to be near, gave the child a blessing as the emergency vehicles drove up. The child had serious liver damage but recovered completely and I still remember the tearful mother telling me her gratitude that the school principal was worthy to give the blessing.

Mona SanderlinMarch 3, 2017

Was dropping my 15 year old son off for a long weekend camping trip sponsored by the Stake. As my parting remarks as a joke I asked if the adults had their consecrated oil. 4 Melchizedek Priesthood holders and not a one had any. I turned to my son and said "Get in the car." The men laughed thinking I was joking. I was not. I told them they could not take my son without the oil. They looked around confused and didn't know what to say. One of the fathers not able to said he had oil and offered it to the YM Pres. and they happily went on their merry way. My husband, sons and son-in-love, always have consecrated oil at all times, and we, my daughter and I have some in the freezer. They all are ready at the drop of the hat to lend a hand and make sure they can do it with a clear mind and willing heart. I love the men in my life and feel so blessed.

MichelleMarch 3, 2017

At age 44, I was very ill in a hospital emergency room. My mom told me she had seen a couple LDS men giving a blessing in another room but when she asked them to come to me, they said they were only there for the other person. I asked her to go back and TELL them that their priesthood was a gift to be shared where necessary, not their own. They came to me, blessed me, and humbly asked me to forgive them and said how grateful they both were to be reminded of their precious gift. Perhaps the Lord spoke through me that day to remind them?

Helen Mar KimbleMarch 2, 2017

It's too bad that we live in today's climate of priesthood power than in the days of the early church. Back then, women had the privilege of laying hands on family members and bestowing blessings on them. Joseph himself gave that power to the women. Imagine how wonderful it would have felt for you to lay your hands on that dear sister's head and not have to count on someone else to hold or be worthy of the priesthood power to do something as simple as giving a blessing of comfort.

Shirley GriffinMarch 2, 2017

Beautiful story of your first-hand experience. Yes, Priesthood is a blessing when used by worthy men. Perhaps after reading your account more men will carry consecrated oil with them.

Charles McClellandMarch 2, 2017

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. We who hold the Priesthood of God must always be prepared to act in His name!

DroundyMarch 2, 2017

I recall once some years back my little daughter of three deciding she was going to make breakfast and surprise momma while momma got ready for a Scout meeting. Without momma knowing, she took a knife to cut an orange and managed to cut her finger instead. My husband was not home I grabbed a bottle of consecrated oil and I quickly rushed her to the hospital for stitches, then took her with her swollen, and well-bandaged finger to the Scout-O-Rama. I remember well the comfort I felt knowing there would be good men there who honored their priesthood and could give her a blessing. I quickly drew a friend aside and told him the problem and within second he had rounded up another worthy man and my little one had her blessing. She settled right down as the throbbing subsided. For me I still remember how comforted I felt knowing there would be good men I could trust who were worthy to take care of the ordinance when my husband was not there. The day turned out great.

Glen DanielsenMarch 2, 2017

Thank you Joni and Meridian, for another beautiful shaft of light to help, remind, and inspire. Grateful heart here.



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