For years now people have talked about making family mission statements. In books and on blogs we hear about the principles behind making a family plan and get inspired to try new things at home.

However, statistically most people don’t actually make mission statements and use them even though they are inspired by the idea. Why?

  1. Some don’t have a vision of what they really want.
  2. Some don’t really believe they can stick to a mission statement
  3. Some get overwhelmed by finding the “perfect” words to write
  4. Some just don’t have time for all the details of life, so they don’t take time.  

For this new year I suggest taking another look at the family mission statement. A mission statement sums up your families most important goals and gives you renewed focus.

There are many ways to make a mission statement and many ways to use one. Our family listed all the things we wanted to be as a family and then wrote a simple statement to repeat daily after our family devotional. My sample family mission statement is here. It has changed our family forever. We have a measuring stick to hold ourselves to each day, and something to think of when we lose focus in our relationships.

The Clark Family Mission Statement

There are a variety of ways an effective mission statement can be made and used in a home. This is a picture of Sam and Amber Clark’s mission statement.

Clark familyflag

As you can see, they have made a family mission flag and put pictures for their small children to use to remember their family’s goal to live with purpose. What a great example they are to so many people.

These are the words the Clark family say while looking at their family mission flag.

“Clark’s are loving, smart, clean, happy, prayerful, honest, and grateful. The Kingdom of God or nothing!”

Daily Couples Mission Statement

Sam and Amber Clark made a wonderful, simple family mission statement based off of their family vision. This family vision is a picture of a future event which inspires the whole family to work on their relationships diligently each day.

ClarkFamilyPhotograph of Clark Family by Abraham Fawson

This mission-minded couple recently shared with me their daily couples mission statement which is also based on their family vision. Each night before their couple’s prayer they say this statement:

“We have an eternal marriage!
To strengthen it;
We pray always, that our faith fail not, and that we may conquer Satan
We cleave unto one another and are one flesh
Serving each other that our love may expand,
We align our desires with the prompting’s of the spirit
and we are exclusively devoted to one another!”

“The vision is the why, and the mission is the how” (Parenting A House United) People who deliberately take action to remind themselves to strengthen relationships have greater relationship success. While those who just wait to find a good relationship around another corner of life are always looking and never satisfied.

I challenge you this year to live more deliberately. Do things on purpose. Decide what is most important to you and remind yourself and your family to live for it each day.

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