Could the “cure of the common cold-hearted world” be as simple as having weekly family night activities and laughing and loving as a family? For many years family experts and religious leaders have admonished parents to gather their families together to strengthen family bonds. In our fast paced world, this is easier said than done for many families.

And, once the family is gathered, then what? Some families can’t wait to get the family night over. Some people have confided in me that it gets in the way of their favorite programs on television. One time I heard one church member in my congregation say to other church members that they had tested having family night before their favorite TV program and after the program but didn’t notice much difference. Upon hearing this, one newer member of our church congregation said, “Oh, good to know. I thought the family had to turn the TV off to have family night.”

My heart sank. The speaker was missing the point of family night. The point isn’t to fit it in. The point is to make it a priority. This woman was trying to do that with her family and now thought that her efforts were most likely not needed.

It is true that family night can be difficult to add to the already busy schedules of life; if we think of it that way. But, our mind-sets could be that family night is such a joy because it is a reason to slow down and enjoy time as a family amidst the busy daily routines we all have.

Family night can be torture for some families. For multiple years in my youth, I thought family night was boring at best, but often viewed it as a total torture and a waste of time. You see, I attended family night each week with an attitude problem. I was disconnected from my family and didn’t like deliberately trying to act a different way than we normally did just because someone said it would be good for our family. I didn’t even give it a chance. It just seemed boring to me. Too much talk, and not enough fun. Luckily, my parents kept trying to have family activities together on family night despite my attitude, which often soured the whole group.

Honestly, the biggest reason for my negative attitude was that I felt we never planned anything fun, even though Mom and Dad always said we would have fun. We got stuck in a rut of fitting family night into our busy schedules and doing the same old boring stuff that didn’t take much time so I stopped wanting to come to family night, and felt the activity was wasting the precious time that I could be using to talk to my friends on the phone. (That was back in the day when youth still used phones for talking to people.)

When my husband and I started our family, we decided that we wanted to have family night too, but both of us wanted a united experience, not a divisive one. We decided that we had to deliberately invent a family night culture as a family. It couldn’t feel strange, awkward, boring, or in-congruent with how we normally lived. In fact, wanting a comfortable family night culture led us to deliberately do many other things with our family like daily family devotionals and family meetings too so that our family would see itself as a deliberate family.

After years of family nights, we recently had our last family night as a whole family for two long years. Our son is going to serve the people of Japan for two years and we will miss his presence at family night. In honor of him and and as a final celebration of eighteen years of deliberate living and fun-filled family nights we had a family night webinar that we shared with all our friends live on September 29, 2014.

Here is the video of the webinar for you to see!

We shared twelve of our most loved family activities and answered some great parenting questions too. Hopefully this video will help you revitalize your family night activities. No more boring family nights.

Having regular, wholesome, connective family activities is one of the key things we can do to give our children the power they need to stand strong, confident, and firm in today’s confusing societies.

Watch the Fun Family Night With The Peck Family HERE! (It’s Free. Just login and watch. You might have to create a login if you don’t have one.)