Dear Brother Albright,

This week was zone conference and I received an answer to a question I’ve had my entire mission… how to “lose myself” in the work. I love my mission so much and I have definitely been putting my whole heart into my missionary work, but there are some missionaries who really just lose themselves and I want to do that!

At zone conference President Porter taught us about serving with all of our heart, might, MIND, and strength. He focused a lot on serving with ALL our “mind” and I realized that is where I need to focus.

I’ve been serving with all of my might and strength and worked really hard to serve with all of my heart, and now I am going to put my whole “mind” into it. For those of you who know me, you know that I am a day dreamer. I love looking to the future! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to this great work I need to be all here. So, I am going to become firm in mind and turn all of my thoughts to God. This is also my challenge to you this week: THINK TO GOD. Turn EVERY thought to Him. Instead of thinking about yourself, think to him and improve your conversation!  🙂

This is a life changing concept. I’ve been trying it this past week and it has made a huge difference. I find that my thoughts usually drift to Utah or home when I am falling asleep and when I’m exercising.  I used to think it was okay to have a little “get away” time with my thoughts, but this week, as I’ve changed those thoughts to thinking about the temple, sacrament, investigators and scripture stories, I’ve noticed a change.  Our thoughts are such an important tool to improving our lives.

THINK (leads to what we) DO (leads to what we) BECOME!

This is going to be a life changing 4 months!!

Sister Kayla Rolfe

Ohio Cincinnati Mission

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