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In a large field adjacent to the Syracuse Utah South Stake center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a full-size replica of the Old Testament tabernacle has been set up to let visitors walk through and experience what an ancient tabernacle looked like, in every detail.

On Saturday, May 7, Gabrielle Johnson, 24, greeted a group of visitors walking up to the east side of the replica, in front of the red, blue and purple cloth marking the gates to the tabernacle. 

Inside, she listened as a young man spoke about the altar of sacrifice. Moving through to each station, Johnson smiled at and encouraged each youth as they gave their presentations.

Johnson experienced an ancient tabernacle display when she was 17 and living in Huntington Beach, California. Now living in Layton and a member of the Layton Utah YSA Stake Relief Society presidency, she knew when the tabernacle experience came to northern Utah, young single adults and young men and young women must be involved.

“The youth need to understand the covenants they are going to make,” she said.

Seventy-one stakes in the Utah Layton Mission boundaries are involved, with the Bountiful, Layton and Syracuse YSA stakes taking the lead.

More than 42,000 visitors attended from April 4 to May 5 in the location by the Bountiful Utah Tabernacle. And 2,100 visitors went just on May 7, its first full day in Syracuse. In June, it will move to Kaysville, Utah.

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