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Before speaking at a Primary devotional in Anchorage, Alaska, Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles asked his Primary-age grandchildren what he should share with them. 

“Pa, tell them that you know Jesus and that He loves them.” And that is what Elder Rasband did. 

“My simple message for you tonight is that you are known and you are loved,” Elder Rasband testified to the children in Anchorage. “You are known by name by Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. You are loved by Them also.”

Elder Rasband was joined by Primary General President Camille N. Johnson at the devotional for Primary children and their parents at the Alaska Anchorage North Stake center on Saturday, June. 11. The Church leaders taught the children at the stake center and those participating virtually via Zoom what it means to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost when they are baptized and how to recognize His presence. Elder Mark A. Bragg, a General Authority Seventy and president of the North America West Area, was also in attendance.

The Apostle assured the children that they never have to feel lonely because they have “a constant friend in the Holy Ghost.”

“If you are lonely, get down on your knees and pray that Heavenly Father will bless you to feel His Spirit,” Elder Rasband said. “That’s the same advice I would give to one of my little grandchildren if they were sitting on my knee.”

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