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A team of BYU faculty worked together to create an interactive map of geographical sites from the Book of Mormon.

Religion professor Tyler Griffin, animation professor Seth Holladay and Taylor Halverson, faculty consultant for the Center for Teaching and Learning, have worked together for over four years to complete this project.

When Holladay, Griffin and Halverson met, they learned they were all passionate about helping people better understand the Book of Mormon.

The team members have since combined their knowledge of the scriptures and 3-D animation to help students understand the scriptures more quickly, according to Holladay.

Holladay said this will bring clarity to spiritual teachings and allow students to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

The team, known as the Virtual Scriptures Group, recognized this project as a chance for students from different departments to collaborate.

“This was a good opportunity for animation, art and technical students to get involved in creating these visualizations, since their passions and talents can communicate directly to their peers,” Holladay said.

Halverson said he was inspired in 2002 by the idea of 3-D immersive environments. He completed his biblical studies and instructional technology doctorates simultaneously at Indiana University and began looking for ways to use his knowledge of instructional technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning about the Bible.

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