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A number of years ago I heard Sister Wendy Nelson, the wife of our prophet, speak at BYU Women’s Conference on “What Would a Holy Woman Do?” She challenged us to seek holiness in the activities that fill our time each day—things like work, home, school, taking care of a family, and taking care of ourselves. Is holiness even possible in the busy-ness of life?

I decided to give Sister Nelson’s challenge a try. I thought about how I could be intentional in seeking holiness every single day. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “Nothing that I know of that’s very worthwhile just happens.” In that same spirit, John Stott, an English Anglican priest, once said, “No one ever drifted into holiness.”

To help me focus, I made myself a little holiness journal, and each morning I prayerfully asked what I could do that day to increase my holiness. I thought about those things that I could do to have an increase of the Spirit in my life and about those things that I was doing to offend the Spirit.

The act of writing down the promptings or revelation I received was refining. When faced with difficult situations or difficult people, I found myself thinking, “What does God need me to learn from this? How can this make me holy? Who does God need me to be?” I was more conscious about acting on promptings and about filling my thoughts, my mind, and my spirit with things that would make me happy and bring peace.

Other women I greatly admire did this experiment with me. Here are a few of their thoughts:

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