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Hundreds of people stood on the shore of Panama City Beach in Florida on July 8 and watched a family struggling to free themselves from a dangerous ocean riptide current. Good Samaritans swam to their aid, only to find themselves stuck as well.

Soon the group in the riptide numbered nine beachgoers—including two boys, ages 8 and 11, and an elderly woman. The group frantically waved their arms and yelled.

A crowd gathered on the beach, unsure of how to help. Ocean waves seemed to be taking the group further and further out to sea, according to CNN.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene but appeared helpless. They told the crowd on the beach that a boat was coming to help.

Chain of rescuers

But those on the shore did not wait.

“I saw a group of people, a few at first, and then more and more, start forming a human chain,” witness Rosalind Beckton told CNN.

Soon 70 to 80 strangers, all holding hands and stretching to reach the trapped group, rescued all the stranded swimmers. Using boogie boards and surfboards, they assisted every member of the group back to shore (“Beachgoers form a human chain to save a family trapped in a rip current,”

Rescue from spiritual peril

Like the group who joined hands to physically rescue the group at Panama City Beach, Latter-day Saints can link arms to rescue those around us in spiritual peril.

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