Author’s note: As I was unable to attend The Secret Garden at Brigham’s Playhouse, I sent a credible critic in my stead. Cathy Dobrusky, a renowned educator and regular columnist for Desert Saints magazine, enjoyed the play immensely and submitted this review.


The Secret Garden, a local production of the Broadway hit, is as magical as the book. Presented at Brigham’s Playhouse in Washington, Utah, the play’s kaleidoscope scenery adds immensely to its appeal. Vivid flashbacks propel the story forward, as we become acquainted with the now-deceased parents of orphan Mary Lennox, who takes it upon herself to bring healing and hope to the family of her widowed uncle through the restoration of the family garden. The tone is joyfully moving, with a finale guaranteed to leave a lump in the throat and a tear in the eye. The Secret Garden will touch your soul and this first-rate production is a must for date or family night.

The Secret Garden is playing through October 31 at Brigham’s Playhouse in Washington, Utah. For tickets and information please visit their website.