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My love for wearing the temple garment cannot be fully expressed in words. Though the physical material that the garment is made from is light and barely noticeable once I got used to it, what the garment represents, the blessings that come with it, and the ever-present outward expression of my inner commitment to God—and of my love for God—make wearing it every day a beautiful and spiritual experience. It is peace. It is strength. It is tranquility. It is power. It is holy. It is as much of a blessing in my life as I treat it.

Sometimes people consider the garment as mere underwear or simply a measure of modesty, meant to show them what they can and cannot wear—an arbitrary line of what is decent and indecent. And while proper wearing of the garment certainly does encourage modesty (especially by the world’s standards), the garment of the holy priesthood represents so much more.

Powerful Eternal Perspective

I received my own endowment at age 19 in preparation for my temple marriage. And while unfortunate circumstances brought that marriage to an end, I had been faithful to my covenants, and those covenants I had made with the Lord remained. I clung to them and they sustained me. I was not left alone in my trials and I was made stronger for them.

I have received numerous blessings for continuously holding a temple recommend, for properly wearing the garment as instructed, and for keeping the covenants I made in the temple.

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