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Over the past twenty-five years, I have published books with personal stories that testify we come from God before we are born. In some cultures, these experiences are called announcing dreams, meaning dreams and visions with yet to be conceived or unborn children. I am the mother of nine children, and had special experiences with all of them before they were born.  I had often wondered if other mothers and fathers had similar experiences.

We are all familiar with the most well known announcing dream, the story of the Angel Gabriel who visited Mary, the mother of Jesus. Gabriel announced to her that she would have a son.  He even announced the baby’s name would be Jesus.

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When the promptings came for me to write a book on this subject, I was led to a scripture in The Book of Mormon, Alma 4:19.  I was drawn to the last part of verse 19. . . seeing no way that he might reclaim them save it were in bearing down in pure testimony. . .  

The thought came to me that these stories are pure testimony. Pure testimony could reclaim those whose hearts were cold toward unborn children. I was troubled that the tragedy of abortion had become more rampant throughout the world than ever before. I hoped that books on the announcing dream could be a tool to change hearts.  I prayed and began the task to write my first book.

Since those early days this work has been a sort of mission for me, and thanks to Meridian Magazine, I have the opportunity to share many of these stories with you. I am grateful to all of the wonderful contributors who have made these books possible. After my second book Coming from the Light (Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, NYC: 1997,) was published, (now republished as The Announcing Dream: Dreams and Visions of Children Waiting to be Born, Sarah Hinze 2016), I began to have a number of people contact me after reading one of my books.  Many had stories for me to include in a new book. Others shared the remarkable news they had chosen life rather than abortion for their unborn child. I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I occasionally meet these special people when I speak at an event. Sometimes they even bring their child and their family with them.  Needless to say, it is a very emotional experience for all of us.

Enjoy now these personal testimonies that bear witness we are truly the children of God and indeed came from His presence before we were born.

Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3

Coming from the Light

I am a Navajo Native American. I grew up on the reservation in Tohatchi, New Mexico. The turning point in my life came when I was sixteen years old when I said my first sincere prayer. It is a cherished moment I keep stored in my heart. I remember the desperate feeling of being very lonely as I knelt on the floor next to my nephew’s crib, the only private place I could find in our home at the time.

At first, I could smell the tortillas my mother was making for dinner. But as I prayed, I soon lost track of earthly surroundings and my soul was consumed by a profound sense of heavenly love and comfort. The divine warmth I discovered in prayer that special day I have since felt over and over as the years have come and gone.

While kneeling, I poured out my desires for a marriage blessed by God. Suddenly I saw an arm pointing to one side. I looked in that direction and a voice said, “Here is your husband.” The man I saw was not Native American.

Several years before meeting the “husband” of my vision, my father came to breakfast one morning and told the family of a dream he’d had in which he was holding a baby girl in his arms—the granddaughter he had wanted for years. At the time he had only grandsons. He announced this granddaughter was half white. Because I had told them of my prayer-vision, all eyes fell on me.

Years later, my father’s dream would come true when he held his first granddaughter (my first daughter) in his arms. With the greatest smile on his face, he said, “This is her, the little girl of my dream so long ago. Look at her. She looks exactly the same.”

Before that, I had met the “husband” I’d seen during thatspecial first sincere prayer. When I saw him, I could not deny my inner, burning feeling of “coming home.” We fell in love and eventually married on a beautiful summer morning.

Our marriage has been blessed by God and blessed with children. Each child has brought us joy and moments to treasure. Here is one of those treasures:

It was a chilly autumn morning. As I knelt to say my prayers, something wondrous happened. I felt someone behind me. I turned around and found myself at the end of a great hall. At the other end of this hall was a door, halfway open, with light shining from behind it. As the door opened wider, not only could I see the brightness of this heavenly light, I could feel it. From the heavenly light I could hear quiet voices and soft footsteps coming toward me. . . .

She was beautiful. Her hair fell naturally around her shoulders as she walked with a young man. They held hands while they talked happily. They stopped near me and embraced. She told him it was time for her to go—to earth—that there she would soon see him again. They held hands until their separating paths pulled them apart— she to be born on earth and he to remain in heaven a short while longer.

As she walked toward me, she began to fade from my vision. But I could still feel her near me—like a soft gentle breeze. I knew she was our daughter. I knew I was going to give birth to a beautiful girl. I turned my head and found myself still kneeling in prayer.

I was so excited to have been shown I would bear a daughter that I began to wear maternity clothes that very day. When my husband arrived home that evening he was puzzled and said, “Why are you wearing those clothes?”

I joyfully replied I was pregnant, that I knew we would have a daughter and that I had already picked out her name. So certain was I of my pregnancy that I did not bother going to the doctor to verify it. I simply knew! My husband believed and rejoiced with me.

Our daughter was born nine months later, with her father jumping for joy. “It’s a girl, it’s a girl!”

I knew it all along. My father calls our daughter his “dream girl.” To me, she looks the same and smiles the same as she did the moment I first saw her in my vision, coming through the heavenly light with all the joy behind it. I know that the mortal body and eternal soul of this daughter came together at the moment of conception.

I thank God for this sacred knowledge.

                                                                                               —Wanda O.       

Cuddle your soft bundle and tuck your little ones close to your heart, embrace your husband tenderly and rest assured there is no more real spiritual path than motherhood.  You are a highly privileged child of God to have been given such a blessing.      —Qahira Qalbi

An Angel in Overalls

At the time, Tom and I had five children, ranging from nine to two and a half. Our oldest was a girl, followed by four little boys. Tom was in the construction business. The recession was hitting us pretty hard and money was very tight. The only kind of birth control that seemed to work for us was the IUD. Knowing how unsuccessful most birth control was for us, Tom came to me and asked how I felt about doing some permanent birth control.

All the reasons he gave were valid and deserved consideration.

I decided that I would make it a matter of prayer. I wanted to be sure that there were no more children that needed to come to our family.

Sometime later, while I was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed a little toddler with curly hair. The child was dressed in a white T-shirt and blue overalls. At first I thought it was one of my little boys getting up from his nap. So I stopped and watched. The little personage peeked around the corner and then toddled into the family room, squatted on the floor, and played for about five minutes. Then the child was gone.

 I sat and thought about what I had seen.  I had seen a spirit and yet, I was not afraid.

The very next day, about the same time, I was in the kitchen again. My husband had the two little boys and the older children were at school. Again, I saw the same little child with curls all over its head, dressed in a white T-shirt and blue overalls. I saw the child peep around the corner, toddle into the family room, play on the floor for about five minutes and disappear.

At that point, I knew without a doubt that this little child came to remind me that it was waiting to come to our family. I knew that I could not deny what I had experienced. I had to tell Tom. But I could not figure out how to tell him. We had never experienced anything like this.

About three days later, we went to dinner and Itried to tell Tom what happened. I spent the first five minutes telling him that I really wasn’t crazy. He spent the next five asking me to quickly tell him what it was I wanted to say. I told him what had happened and explained to him that I thought another child was waiting to come to our family and I believed that it was probably another boy because of the way the personage was dressed. Tom believed me and said that we could have the baby, but we would have to wait until later in the year.

A couple of weeks later, on a Friday, I was cramping a lot and I felt that I needed to get to a doctor that same day. I talked to Tom, and he said that I should have the IUD removed. I knew that it had to be that day. I called my doctor and he was out of town. I called eight other doctors and finally found one that could see me that day. He removed the IUD and didn’t see any infection, but gave me a prescription for tetracycline just in case. For some reason I didn’t understand at the time, I could not bring myself to get it filled.

During the next several weeks, I started to have symptoms of being pregnant. I went to my doctor and found that I was indeed expecting. I told him the date I had the IUD removed. He told me that on that date I was already about ten days pregnant and that I should have had a spontaneous abortion as a result of having the IUD removed. He told me that this baby must really need to come to our family.

In November of 1982, the baby did come. Tom ended up delivering her in the hallway of the hospital. By the time she was eighteen months old, she had curls all over her head. And when she was dressed in a white T- shirt and blue overalls, I recognized her as the toddler that visited me twice to let me know that she needed to come to our family.

                                                             — Mindy R.

The child is God’s gift to the family. Each child is created in the special image and likeness of God for greater things—to love and to be loved.           –Mother Teresa

A Face in the Clouds

I live near the town of Geraldton, Australia, about four hours from Perth. To our north is the land of the Aborigines: the Australian outback.

I was fortunate to have a few days off. My workmates and I had planned a weekend on Tasmania, an island south of Australia. It was a long way to travel from our home on the coast of western Australia for just a weekend. But because of my employment with Ansett Airline Company, the tickets were cheap enough and there were seats available on the flights we needed.

My wife was eight months pregnant with our fifth child, but she agreed to my short trip.

Following our flight, we drove a lot and slept little. We did as many touristy things as possible, given the little amount of time we had.

But the most striking event happened as we were just north of Bicheno on the east coast of the island of Tasmania heading north. As we came around a slight bend, there was a small creek where the road dipped down to a crossing. There were thick trees in the creek bed.

My eyes were drawn suddenly to the sky above the trees, and a young child’s face appeared in the clouds. At that moment, I knew that there was a sixth child waiting to come to our family.

I returned home and not long after the birth of our fifth child, my wife became pregnant again. Prior to my sacred experience, we had thought we would have no more than five children. Now we have six, and the youngest is a boy.       –Des Hill

They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. John 17:16

My Unborn Son

One evening years ago, my wife and I sat alone together in the playroom of our house. The children were all asleep in their beds, and we were waiting for the birth of a new little baby. My wife, big with child, was sitting by the table. We were talking softly together, believing that the baby would arrive that night. The lights were low, and there was a feeling of love for each other and for the baby that was to come.

I remember looking at my wife—she was rocking quietly, her eyes closed, her pale white hands spread across her full waist. The sweet feeling in the room grew and persisted. It was very powerful. I said to her, “Do you feel this all around us?”

She replied, “Yes.”

It was lovely being with her. It was a sweet closeness, a unity I can hardly describe. “Can you tell?” I said. “We will have a son.”

“I know,” she replied. “It will be a boy.”

And then for me the veil parted, and I saw our son standing, waiting, a few feet from the chair my wife was rocking in. He was tall and well-formed, taller and larger, it seemed to me, than the room allowed. There was power about his person—great power and goodness and patience and love.

I said, “Do you see him there standing beside you?”

Again, there swelled that sweet feeling of closeness and unity.

She looked at me, confident, a faint smile on her lips. “I don’t need to,” she said. “I know he is there.”


Sarah Street Hinze is from Eastern Tennessee and is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Sarah is married to Dr. Brent Hinze and they are the parents of nine wonderful children, and grandparents to thirty-one marvelous grandchildren. Sarah and Brent have served missions at the London England Temple and the Mesa Arizona Temple. Sarah’s books are all on Amazon. Currently Sarah is producing a feature film documentary on her research and stories. Her websites are and Email [email protected]