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Just a few blocks west of Church headquarters, nestled between LDS Business College and the BYU Salt Lake Center, is the new headquarters for BYU–Pathway Worldwide.

A peek into the offices, located on the fifth floor of one of the buildings in the Triad complex, may give the impression that it is a small setup of less than 100 employees, just getting started.

But a look at the numbers tells a different story.

In 2018, BYU–Pathway Worldwide will serve more than 40,000 students with only 100 employees, said BYU–Pathway Worldwide President Clark G. Gilbert. “That doesn’t make any sense until you realize it [includes] about 2,500 missionaries, 1,600 instructors at BYU–Idaho, 300 [self-reliance services] managers around the world, and 500 institutes.”

The BYU–Pathway Worldwide organization, announced in February of 2017, serves more than 40,000 students living in countries around the world—that’s more than the student body on the campus of any one of the Church’s other schools.

Although the setup in downtown Salt Lake City may seem modest, what’s happening inside those walls—as well as in homes and institute buildings around the world—is far from a simple task.

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