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Latter-day Saints have a rich heritage of patriotism, going all the way back to the sixth Article of Faith. Many have pledged their lives in military service as a part of that patriotism, and the Saints at War Project has collected the stories, photographs, and artifacts of their experiences. Here are just a few.

All photos courtesy of the Saints at War Project.

Stanley Shultz, an officer during the Vietnam War, received a jeep for his use. Dismayed over the graffiti that decorated it, he cleaned it up and gave the jeep its own distinctive Latter-day Saint identity by painting “Mahonri Moriancumer” across the front. Courtesy of Stanley Schultz.

A South Vietnamese woman is confirmed.

The Mormon Mustang, flown by Roland R. Wright during WWII. Left to right: Don Roepe, assistant crew chief; 1st Lt. Roland R. Wright, pilot; Kelley Lloyd, crew chief; Ken Arverson, armorer.

A serviceman is baptized in a lagoon off Saipan during World War II in 1945.

Elder Harold B. Lee (right) served as Committee Chairman for the LDS Servicemen’s Committee during the Korean War. He was given a uniform and made “Brigadeer General” for the day. This 1954 photo of him standing with Mission President Hilton Robertson (left) was taken on Elder Lee’s visit to Korea, where he provided support to the servicemen, as well as heightened awareness of the Church in Korea.

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