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President Eyring shared the following during a devotional for the students of LDSBC held at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. 

President Eyring invited students to look at educational struggles as a great blessing.

“I know school can be a grind,” he said. “I know it seems difficult. I know you get discouraged at times. I know you wonder why you are attending school at all. But keep on. Keep on hammering away. Keep on learning. You will never regret learning—neither in this life, nor in the world to come. Indeed, you will treasure forever what you learn and what you learn about how to keep on learning.”

President Eyring shared four ways in which a person might be diligent and obedient and receive the blessing of having the Holy Ghost upon them so that He can help in one’s efforts to learn.

1. Pray always

“You know from your experience that when you become casual in your prayers, you feel less inspiration,” he said.

When a person prays with faith in Jesus Christ, the Spirit comes to him or her. As a person prays less often and with less faith in the Savior, his or her desire to pray diminishes.

“So don’t wait for a desire to pray to come to you,” he said. “Decide to pray, even when it is hard—especially when it is hard and the windows of heaven seem closed to you. If you keep trying, those windows will open.”

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