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It is a mission president’s responsibility to see that every missionary who serves under his direction grows in spirituality and capacity to invite people to repent and to come unto Jesus Christ with faith in Him and take His name upon them, said President Henry B. Eyring on June 25.

“We are in His service, called by Him to help take His gospel, and His love, to Heavenly Father’s children,” said President Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency. “Sharing the gospel and the love of the Lord is a call you received when you were baptized. You promised then — by covenant — to be the Savior’s witness in every place you would be in.”

Speaking during the 2017 Seminar for New Mission Presidents, President Eyring addressed “Simple Truths for Your Service.”

He promised the new mission leaders that during their service as mission presidents and as missionary companions, their call to bring others to Him will be magnified. “The Lord and the missionaries’ families have trusted you to help them find, teach and bring others to the gospel and also to help those missionaries become deeply converted and enduring members of the Lord’s true Church,” he said.

All of that “changing and converting” must be done while resisting “the fierce opposition of Lucifer,” who knows the purpose of their call and the call of their missionaries, and opposes that sacred work.

“My purpose today is to assure you that opposition, which you will surely face, is another evidence that you are on the Lord’s errand and in His hands,” said President Eyring. “You will have trials to face — at times very difficult trials. …

“I can testify that you will succeed against any opposition in fulfilling the great trust you have accepted with such faith and enthusiasm.”

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