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This parable is about me, a bride in 2020, and some plastic grapes. I was stressed out. And by stressed I mean a month before I got married, all the temples closed, my family was unable to travel (including my parents), and we were restricted to 10 people. Needless to say, everything felt like it was going wrong.

The Story

Our wedding was eventually whittled down to witnesses, our photographer, the bishop, and the two of us. We got married in the back of a church parking lot because we couldn’t find a place to get married. Even though all of this seemed awful, I still wanted the day to feel special.

A few people asked how they could help and one person specifically offered to give us flowers for our arch. Originally it was going to be empty so I took them up on that offer because it was a nice gesture. They asked me what kind of flowers I wanted and I figured that I should keep it simple so I asked for faux white roses.

The flowers arrived at 11 pm the night before our wedding and instead of faux white roses, there were fake lilies, fuzzy daisies, and plastic grapes. I didn’t realize how sensitive I was at that moment but I just started crying. My then soon to be husband came over and was so confused about why I was crying.

There I was, on the ground, trying to attach these giant flowers to our arch and they kept falling over. I was trying so hard to accomplish this task and it wasn’t working. (To the person who made me these flowers: please know that it wasn’t you, I was just in a very fragile place. I think they looked great in the end.)

I just turned to him and said, “I know I should be grateful for anything that we get, but why did it have to be fake plastic grapes?” He gave me a hug, calmed me down, and told me I should try to get some rest. We were getting married in the morning after all.

Is This Really About Plastic Grapes?

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