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For the 36 couples participating in the 2017 Seminar for New Temple Presidents and Matrons on October 9–12, their new assignments entail far more than full-time administrative duties.

Each calling, they say, doubles as a sacred charge to help others realize and enjoy the blessings found only inside one of the Church’s dedicated temples.

The new temple presidents and matrons bring their own life changing, personal temple experiences to their respective assignments. Four couples attending the seminar shared their testimonies of temple worship with the Church News.

“The Lord is in the temple”

President Carlos C. Revillo Jr. was a young father in the Philippines when he offered a simple prayer. “I was thinking about my life. I had no direction. I asked the Lord.”

President Revillo knew this was the time “to be serious about his life and his family.”

His prayer was answered when Latter-day Saint missionaries knocked on his door.

President Carlos C. Revillo Jr and his wife, Amparo, currently preside over the Manila, Philippines temple. 

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