What a perfect time of the year to celebrate our cherished mothers. Trees and flowers are in bloom and the earth is renewed. So here are some great books all about mom.


Strength in Stillness: A Message for Women, by Patricia Holland, is a small booklet that encompasses important lessons to be learned. Sister Holland states that through these difficult times we may anxiously search for that calm and stillness that we, as women, have deeply rooted inside our souls. It seems easy to get caught up in competition and comparisons. But, it matters not if we are married or not, have children or not. We can find what our body and souls need most – to turn toward our Savior. 

Whatever You Choose to Be, by Ann Romney, was actually inspired from a commencement talk she gave back in 2014. This choice and uplifting smallish book is a perfect book for moms, to-be-moms, grand moms, single moms, and women in general. It really should be called a guide book to a happy and fulfilling life. The advice given and directed toward women in our lives is that of balance to survive the bumps, to think of others and to live with purpose. She gives eight key life lessons and backs each of those with personal stories that made her what she is today. We all can benefit from such an inspirational book!

What Makes Us Sisters, by Bonnie L. Oscarson, is a small little book with a message full of impact for women young and old. Sister Oscarson, Young Women’s general president, gave this inspirational talk in the April 2014 General Women’s session of conference and the messages in this beautifully illustrated book are so pertinent in today’s world! She quotes the former Relief Society general president, Sister Parkin, in regard to the importance of loving your fellow sisters who said, “I invite you to not only love each other more but love each other better.” We are all sisters here on earth and should treat others with respect and love and not judge or criticize. 

Did You Know That I Love You?, by Christa Pierce, is a perfect illustration of showing how love of family is unconditional and everlasting. This digitally created book is painted with muted colors and the text is simple and short throughout. Small Bird shows her love for Fox by telling him and then doing kind gestures of service. This is a great example to family members and especially to mom to tell how much you love them continually and unconditionally. 


Soon, by Timothy Knapman, and gorgeously painted with soft hues of watercolor by Patrick Benson, is all about the journey of mother and child. Baby elephant, Raju, is following his mother along many treacherous paths. Every time they stop, Raju asks when they will be returning to the safety of their home. Her reply is always “Soon”. Each page brings a new adventure such as crossing a river “where crocodiles dozed” and plodding through tall grass “where the tiger prowled”. Each time mother encounters danger, she frightens it away with the bulk and build of her body. The bond between mother and her offspring is strong and is very evident throughout. Their adventure begins early in the morning and ends at the end of a long day. The end pages gloriously showcase this bond of affection.

A Fine Dessert (Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat), by Emily Jenkins, and illustrated with ingeniousness by actually using blackberry juice along with Chinese ink and watercolor by Sophie Blackall, brings all of these families together through the love and enjoyment of cooking and eating together. Each century, beginning in England in 1710, tells the tale of making Blackberry Fool which contains berries, cream and sugar. The England story begins with a young girl and her mother picking wild blackberries and then heading off to home to make this delightfully yummy dessert. You’ll find the recipe and information in the back of the book. The great example of the use of blackberry juice in the illustrations are found as soon as you open the book.

Leopardpox!, by Orna Landau, and illustrated with mixed media by Omer Hoffmann, showcases another wonderful trait of moms everywhere: and that is her ability to help youngsters feel better when they are sick. Young Sadie wakes up and states, “I just feel funny.” Before her mother and family know it, she is turning into a leopard. No one, including the pediatrician and the veterinarian, knows how to treat her. But ultimately, mom knows just what to give her and what to do to help her feel better. 

Dinosaur vs. Mommy, by Bob Shea, showcases the hilarious antics of a young dinosaur throughout his day with his mommy. On the first page, he sneaks into his mommy’s room and wakes her up by jumping on the bed. Even though his day is filled with him doing things his mommy prefers he didn’t do, the ending page brings out the love these two feel. The bright colors and fun-filled illustrations will surely bring a smile and snicker to both mommy and child! 

Everything, by Emma Dodd, features a mother koala bear as she expresses her deep love for her baby. Every page features another rhyming attribute of baby that mother loves such as, “When you smile, your bright eyes twinkle / and your nose begins to crinkle.” The colorful pages are unique with shiny foil found throughout. The title answers what mother loves best about her baby – everything!