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Acclaimed comic book artist Sal Velluto has worked on Captain America and The X-Men for Marvel. He’s drawn Batman and the Justice League for DC Comics. A devout Latter-day Saint, he’s passionate about using his talents to share the message of the restored gospel. In the past, he’s illustrated for the Friend magazine, but now he’s set his sights on telling Joseph Smith’s First Vision in graphic novel form to build the faith of youth and adults alike.

Velluto is partnering with Andrew Knaupp, who previously worked on the stunning Golden Plates series, to bring Pillar of Light to readers in both paper and digital form, weaving together the different accounts of the vision given by the Prophet. What’s more, they want to make the project available online for free next year to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the vision.

The creators explain: “This project has the purpose to show, with words and pictures, that all the accounts not only harmonize with each other but provide details, often overlooked, which make the story amazingly real. Given the sacred nature of the subject matter, particular attention has been given to present certain aspects of the story in a very respectful way.”

I can’t wait to read this with my family. To learn more and to contribute to the project, please visit the Pillar of Light Go Fund Me page.

Jonathan Decker is a licensed marriage and family therapist, actor, author, and film critic. He is known for starring in The KJZZ Movie Show and the Utah action-comedy CTU: Provo, performing with BYU’s Divine Comedy, and as the author of 250 Great Movies for Latter-day Families.