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President and Sister Kimball arrived at the Brady home at the end of a long day, which started out with the dedication of an LDS meetinghouse in Chattanooga early on the morning of July 26, and an afternoon reception for representatives of Nashville’s city government and other prominent people, such as the celebrated Minnie Pearl of the Grand Ole Opry.

After the evening meal, President and Sister Kimball relaxed in the den with members of the Brady family and a few local Church leaders. President Kimball chose to sit on an old-fashioned piano stool with his back to the instrument’s keyboard. I don’t remember precisely what the conversation was about, other than some history of the Church in the area.

After a little while, someone said, “President Kimball, why don’t you whirl around and play us a tune?”

President Kimball immediately turned around on the adjustable stool and played “I Am a Child of God.” He didn’t “play it straight,” like the version printed in today’s Children’s Songbook. He added some flourishes, what I might describe as a few “jazz notes.” I got the distinct impression that most people in the room were surprised, first, that President Kimball could play the piano and, second, that the prophet would “jazz up” such a classic song in the LDS repertoire.

At first, everyone just listened.

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