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Latter-day Saint dancers Charity Anderson and Andres Peñate have made history yet again. Not only have they become the first dancers to earn a perfect score on World of Dance, they are also the first Latter-day Saints to win the junior division. But that almost didn’t happen.

Four days before their performance, Anderson fell during practice and broke her left toe, jeopardizing their chances of winning the competition.

“We were really nervous,” Anderson shared on the show. “This is my dominant foot, which I land on and jump off of, so we had to switch my dominant side to my right side.”

With little time to recover, the dancers had a choice: drop out of the competition or make quick adjustments to their routine and hope for the best.

Choosing the later, the two took the stage for what would be their final performance and, despite all odds, wowed the judges, earning a score of 93.

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See their final performance below: