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We live in an image-based culture and even though we see hundreds of images everyday, most of us don’t know how to “read” images the same way we know how to read words. In today’s episode, I interview Dina Alexander from Educate and Empower Kids on the topic of media literacy. She teaches us how we can become more literate in reading images and understanding the messages they’re sending us. We also discuss:
  • How to give our children the power to see what they’re being sold in today’s multimedia world
  • How to help our children make decisions from a place of personal agency
  • How parents can break down what we’re seeing so parents and children aren’t overwhelmed.
  • What questions to ask when critiquing images, such as, “why was this made, who made it, who is their audience, what is the main message, what’s the hidden message, what’s included, and what’s left out?”
Dina Alexander is the founder and president of Educate and Empower Kids, and the author of several books on helping parents talk to their children about their bodies, sexuality, pornography, media literacy, and smartphones. The book featured in this podcast episode, “Petra’s Power to See”, can be purchased here:

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