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December 3, 2022

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Martha KayDecember 18, 2016

How do you apologize for recognizing that the person our country has elected is mentally unfit to serve? Tempermentally unfit may be the polite term but it would be more accurate to call Donald Trump mentally ill.

Lois KullbergDecember 16, 2016

If the apology was that important to this country's interests and future, then two super egos are to blame! Both should humble their attitudes.

KurtDecember 16, 2016

Their global visions for the US are sufficiently different that, even without the apology issue, it may well not have been a comfortable fit. Mitt could have stated that he had "learned important, positive things about Trump" since his earlier remarks, if that were true. It's not clear to me how Mitt feels about the populist basis for Trump's appeal. Many other establishment Republicans certainly don't "get it."

VPartchDecember 16, 2016

No apology necessary because all seems to be "fair in politics" - especially during elections. If Mitt Romney apologizes, when will Pres.-elect Trump apologize to all the people he maligned in some way during his speeches, etc.?

BrianDecember 16, 2016

Sorry I don't read a lot of Meridian articles, but typically I enjoy them and learn from them. I'm wondering why they would re-post an article from CNN, that has clearly shown they are inaccurate at best when it comes to reporting on political news and always bias in their reporting. I guess it is an attention grabber, which is what media outlets believe they need. It grabbed my attention.



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