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April 3, 2020

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TruthbetoldSeptember 14, 2016

I would think the Lord had given the Sodomites ample opportunity to repent. " Spirit shall not always strive with man"--D&C 1:33. The non-repentant sent themselves on the path of no return. On another note, when warned to leave Babylon, leave. Look forward to Zion. The prophet's call will serve as hands to guide us to safety. Those not doubting will live through miracles.

Gale BoydSeptember 14, 2016

I really feel like Lot's wife turned back because of her children and grandchildren who were still in Sodom. She may have hoped she could convince them or provide protection of some kind. We'll have to make the same kinds of choices someday, as our families choose faith, or not, and the Second Coming is nigh. Very tough.

Kim BleiweissSeptember 14, 2016

Actually, the Lord said he'd spare them if he could find ten. Because of this, the Jews require a minimum of ten to have a minyan, or what we LDS would call a "Prayer Circle"



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