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February 8, 2023

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JImmyMay 4, 2016

Why oh why will no one ever address the phrase "because he was conceived by the power of God?"

portlanderMay 4, 2016

One of the goals of Lucifer's rebellion in the pre-existance, was to take the throne of our Heavenly Father, in essence to supplant our Father, to have all of His power, glory, authority and knowledge. However, Father seems to have promised "all that He hath" when we return, worthily. Lucifer just could not abide that requirement. Christ, on the other hand, accepted and espoused Father's plan for us, and as such, was openly promised to "be our Father" in the same way that our Heavenly Father is our Father. I also suspect that being a "Father" has much to do with having an eternal increase, which Lucifer, thankfully, will not have.

Bob SiskMay 4, 2016

My non-LDS supervisor and I were conversing about a somewhat recalcitrant technician in our group that worked at a remote site where I was assigned to cover. In the course of conversation my supervisor said, "I told him that when Bob Sisk is on that site it's the same as if I am there." That instantly struck me in a way I'm sure he never intended. Since then I've never had any problem with Jesus Christ holding either the Son or Father title, or both at the same time. Bob Sisk Chandler, Arizona



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